Our Infertility Journey

For so long, I was hesitant to discuss our infertility issues. We struggled to conceive for nearly two year. Our frustrations arose from the mere fact that for nearly a year, our normal doctor didn’t know the cause of our infertility issues. They simply claimed that the issue lied with me and me alone. I went through tons of tests and was put on clomide. I had side affects from all of these things, and really struggled with coping with the fact that the reason Jason and I couldn’t start a family was because of me. Finally, we had some dear friends recommend us to the Fertility Center based out of Grand Rapids. We went to a free open house one evening in April to listen to what they had to offer. We were a bit hesitant for two reasons: 1) Our insurance company didn’t cover their services and 2) We were partially in denial of the idea that we needed help conceiving “naturally”. It was a tough pill to swallow knowing we may need help starting our family. After the presentation at the Clinic, Jason and I discussed our options and decided to go forward with a free consultation with Dr. Dodd’s in their Kalamazoo office. A few weeks later we met with Dr. Dodd’s and he went over our previous tests results from our OBGYN. He advised that Jason get another semen analysis since our OBGYN calculated results differently. He also went through what our next options were. He put me on Clomide and sent us on our way with an action plan. Jason went and had his test re-done, and we were shocked with the results. His count was extremely low, which was NOT what our doctor had told us originally. Dr. Dodd’s concluded that our issues lied with us both. My ovulation wasn’t normal (though it could be regulated with drugs) and Jason’s sperm count was very low. We were told our only options were the more advanced forms of infertility treatments. We agreed that we wanted to move forward with the next step which was injecting a hormone into me which would trigger ovulation. Our intimacy lives became very structured and scheduled, but we were willing to do this in order to start our family. The first couple nights I had to inject myself with these shots, were emotionally draining. It was difficult to do these treatments without Jason being home, but I pushed through. We found out this round hadn’t worked, and we met with Dr. Dodd’s who advised that the only option that would work at this point was artificial insemination or IVF. We agreed to artificial insemination and started the wait to be able to start this next round of treatment. We took two months off of treatment to just heal “emotionally”. We waited for my period to start (at this point was the end of July) in order to begin the next round of treatment. Fertility hormone medicine had been ordered, paid for and delivered, so now it was a waiting game. I was11 days late, but I didn’t think too much of it, but my doctor wanted me to come in for blood work. On Thursday, July 25th I went in for blood work, and on Friday morning, the 26th of July..our lives changed forever. I received a call from the clinic from a very excited nurse. She told me the good news. Those words I had been waiting to hear for nearly 2 years “Congratulations, you’re pregnant!” Tears welded in the corner of my eyes, and all I kept hearing myself say to her was, “Are you sure?” “Really?”. I must have been in shock. The phone call only lasted a few minutes, but we were set up for our first ultrasound the next Tuesday. I was already at work at this point, but I immediately left and drove home trying to keep in the tears. As I arrived home, I tried thinking of a unique way of announcing the great news to Jason, but amidst me trying to film it and my tears, it was a terrible fail. When I told him, he was still 1/2 asleep, but his reaction was priceless. It was the second happiest day of our lives (only second to our wedding day). When we went in for our appointment Tuesday, our doctor still couldn’t believe that we conceived naturally. I’m a big believer in the saying, “Everything happens for a Reason” that is why I am certain that this was supposed to happen to us now, and that the rest of our journey will be a blessing.fb4eeff0cad25a602b3320d5ce169cfc

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