New Fall Recipe

Now I surely don’t claim to be an amazing cook or anything like that nor do I claim toalways eat healthy, but I do certainly enjoying cooking and creating new meals. The one I made tonight is for Jason to enjoy since he is quickly losing weight from lack of eating and/or eating enough food. He is busy (like myself) so sometimes it’s hard to eat a hearty meal on the go. I have vowed to start cooking for him more during the week in order to help him stop losing weight. This meal was partially an existing recipe but I added my pizzazz into it. The recipe is actually called Wagonwheel Beef Soup which consists of Wagonwheel pasta, ground beef, onion, beef broth, spaghetti sauce and kidney beans. Originally when I went to make this recipe I was shocked that I couldn’t find the Wagonwheel pasta. What’s a recipe without its signature pasta? Oh well, I settled for bow tie pasta as I believe those are more or at least equally enjoyable and fun. I added a bit more spices and veggies into my recipe since Jason is lacking on eating his recommended veggie intake each day. Hopefully he enjoys it! I, however, haven’t tried it, so as soon as he lets me know how it tastes this time round, I’ll make sure to pass it along!!
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