30 Weeks Pregnant

My husband and I will be meeting Baby Jones VERY soon. As of Weds, we are 30 weeks along and 70 days (approx) out from meeting our son. Let me tell you, my nerves are ALL over the place right now. I’m excited, nervous, overwhelmed, ecstatic..and everything in between. I truly feel that there are no “correct” feelings to describe being a parent. When you have wished and prayed and hoped for this “miracle” for two years, there are simply no words to describe that it is almost here. I’m so excited to be a mom. I will try sooooo hard to be the best parent I can be, even though I know at times I will fail, but isn’t that the best part? Learning from mistakes and being better the next time? I think too many people try “too hard” and it only leads to stress and short-comings. Ladies, lets be realistic! We are allowed to NOT be perfect. Despite what society says…we can fail. We have this huge responsibility placed on us (along with our spouse) and it’s only normal to mess up here and there. As long as we try our best, that’s the most we can do. Image

Live a little and stop worrying so much!

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