Baby Braxton

Baby Jones is here! Braxton Leland made his debut on March 11th @ 11:36pm. He was a healthy 8lbs for being over 2 weeks early. He was 20 1/4 inches long. He is everything Jason and I dreamed of and more! He has blessed our lives with so much joy in the 3 weeks that he has been here, and we are looking forward to many many many more years of his goofiness. He is already developing a personality and is always cracking us up! Everyone who has seen him fall in love with him. 🙂 He has had a few doctor’s apts so far. His first one was on the 17th (St. Patrick’s Day!). He weighed in a bit light at 7lbs, 7 oz. He had to come back that Wednesday for a weight check. He was then back up to 7lbs, 11oz. His jaundice is also getting much better. His doctor’s apt last week was also good! He now weighs 8lbs, 1 oz and is now 21 inches long! I think we are going to have a tall little boy! 🙂 So in love with him already. Looking forward to a few more weeks off work with this little cutie!1907966_952443395749_1415401141_n

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