Finding the Balance

First and foremost, I’d like to say that I truly LOVE being a mother, and secondly I do not regret becoming a mother but dear Lord have I struggled with balancing the many roles of ME. I commend all of those “working Moms” for more reasons than one. I oftentimes find myself having a difficult time with balancing the responsibilities of being a mother, a business professional and a wife.  It seems as though it is impossible to give 100% to each role. Mothers, am I right? My day is a routine with hardly any variances (unless I’m traveling for work or attending a business function). My alarm sounds off at 6am and my day starts and it doesn’t end until 9 or 10pm each night. How anyone has time left over for “fun” time is beyond me! I find myself thinking about work when I’m with my family but then thinking about my family while I’m at work and although I believe this to be very typical, I hate that feeling. I often find myself wondering if I’m barely scraping by. Meaning, I wonder if my boss thinks I’m a terrible employee and/or if my husband finds me to be more of a room mate than a partner. I don’t think these are the cases by any means, but my goodness I’d be lying if that thought hadn’t cross my mind once or twice before. I want to put 100% into being a business professional, a mother and a wife, but I humbling announce that I do not know how to accomplish such a feat. Is it even possible or am I fighting for an unrealistic cause? On top of that normal routine, I also work a second job as a semi-professional photographer so my spare time (Ha Ha Ha, I laugh because when you’re a mom, there is no such thing as spare time) is partially being devoted to photo shoots and editing. Call me crazy busy, but I’m also a craft-making freak as well as being an author (who has been published a handful of times) working on a novel. Again, remind me what “fun” time is. I know there has to be a productive way of developing and implementing balance in my life, but again this has not come easy to me thus far. I can research ways to do this and ask friends in similar situations, but I find that every situation is different and unique thus creating a difficult time determining a solution. Am I the only person that feels over-extended? Do any other moms out there struggle with this sense of wanting equality in work and home-life (including being a mom and wife)?

Love this quote. So true.

Love this quote. So true.

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