15 Reasons you are Hated on Facebook

Admit it. You have blocked someone’s Facebook statuses and/or unfriended them because of what they post and/or do on Facebook. I’ll be the first to admit that I unfriend people DAILY on Facebook. We can also all admit that we have done at least ONE of the following. Go ahead and raise your hand and say guilty..

1) You leave dumb comments: We all have that friend that leaves dumb comments on photos or posts. These can include “lol” or “haha” or those comments that just don’t make sense.

2) You leave rude, argumentative comments: Everyone has off days and sometimes they may go to Facebook to vent. Don’t be that person who only makes their day worse; rather try to help turn their day around positively. DISCLAIMER- if you’re that person that posts topics on anything political, religious or controversial, be prepared for some whiplash.

3) You tag people in spammy posts: Enough with the “Free” iPads/iPhone posts or free gift cards for sharing a company’s FB status. You’re not going to get FREE things. The only thing you’re doing is helping them market themselves for FREE. Stop tagging people in those dumb posts.

4) You constantly invite people to join a Facebook game: I have unfriended people for continuously doing this. It’s annoying. Even when I post an update that says “I do not play Facebook games such as Farmville so don’t invite me!” I still receive them. Warning, I will delete you quicker than you can acquire materials for your precious farm.

5) You have a WHOLE conversation with someone on a photo or post: Just PM them. Everyone does not need to see your entire conversation. Better yet, get off the computer and go grab a coffee to catch up. This is especially worse if it’s a conversation on a photo/post OTHER than your own.

6) You are a pervert: If you continuously comment on photos with sayings like “Wow, you’re so gorgeous” or “Stunning” or something to that extent, you’re being a pervert. This is especially true if you’re married and/or in a relationship with someone commenting on someone’s picture/post of the opposite sex.

7) You post your entire schedule for the day as Facebook Status Update: If you’re one of these individuals, you’re an idiot. Predators are eyeing these posts and are planning their attack. Posts like: “School until 12, doctor appointment at 12:45, more classes until 4 then work 5-close..” I mean, c’mon…you’re asking for trouble. First off, NO ONE CARES. Secondly, you’re providing WAY too much information for people. This can create dangerous situations for yourself as people know exactly when you’re not home (Oh hey, she’s not home..lets go steal all of her snazzy expensive stuff) or she leaves work at 2am (we can grab her as her walks to her car and/or follow her home).

8) You post vague FB statuses: “Can’t wait for 2015–BIG changes ahead” or  simply updating an emotion to read “is heartbroken…disappointed..feels betrayed…something happened today, but please don’t ask me to talk about it” THEN WHY TELL US?! People are going to naturally ask what’s up/wrong with you and when you don’t respond some may get worried. STOP doing that. I am guilty of doing this from time, but will most likely clarify in a later comment.

9) Your Facebook statuses are an Emotional Roller-coaster: You update your status to “So happy and in love” and within 5 minutes you change it to “Worst day ever, I’m bawling my eyes out”. I HATE people that do this. These people are only asking for others to feel bad for them and often feed off the attention. Keep in mind that your Facebook page is NOT a diary.

10) You air your drama and dirty laundry daily: People that publicly bash a loved one or friend (especially a spouse) on Facebook should be ashamed of themselves. Keep your personal life off of Facebook. No one needs to know what you and somebody else is fighting about. Keep the dirty laundry off of Facebook.

11) You repeatedly tag someone in TBT pictures and/or other unflattering pictures: I hate being tagged in old pictures ESPECIALLY baby pictures, ones with exes and pictures that I look ridiculous in. Oftentimes you will see someone do this because they look great in the picture and could care less what the other(s) in the picture look like. Don’t be a dick.

12) You ask your friend if you’ve seen their ex’s new Girlfriend or something else on their FB: I don’t know about you, but I’m not friends with many of my ex boyfriends on FB. If I am, it’s only because we were good friends before we dated. There may be others that I’d rather not talk about, see or hear about. If you’re friends with them, and I’m not..I DO NOT need an update on their lives. Thanks.

13) You like and/comment on EVERY new picture you see: There are certain people who like or comment on every post and/or picture. I remember one time I logged into FB and there was no new notifications but less than a minute later I had 29 notifications ALL from the same person. Seriously? Just comment or like the album or post just ONCE. Don’t be a creeper and go through old posts or pictures and just start getting finger happy. Stop it.

14) You check-in EVERYWHERE and tag your friends: I will check-in places from time to time, but most certainly not all the time. AND I hate when people tag me with them at a location. People don’t need to know we are together nor do they need a “play-by-play” of our days events.

15) You change your FB picture EVERY DAY: Every few days is fine especially if you’re a parent because most than likely they’re pictures of your child, but for those who are continuously changing their Facebook picture to either one they’ve previously used or a new one every day–you just need to CALM down. Maybe you get bored easily, but trust me changing it up occasionally is much better than daily and much less annoying.

So, you may be asking what the purpose of this blog entry is? Well, it’s to not be a dick on Facebook. Be courteous and conscientious of what you’re posting and the things you’re saying. You may offending people, and at the end of the day the more private you are, the better.

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