Life Time Fitness Guest Pass

I travel from time to time for work, and I always make sure I pack a gym bag. Every hotel I have stayed at has a gym, so there is no excuse to let my traveling for work interfere with my work-out routine! I’m in Schaumbug, IL currently and upon checking in, the front desk kindly informed me that I could go check out Life Time Fitness for free. What’s even better is that the gym is literally right next to the hotel I’m staying at. I was pumped! After eating something light, I headed to the gym. I’m not going to lie, but the gym was intimidating! I worked at a gym while in college and that gym was big, but this one made that gym look ridiculous. Life Time Fitness has basketball courts, pools and exercise rooms on top of an open layout decorated with exercise machine galore. I was in HEAVEN to say the least. I jumped on a treadmill and started my workout. The treadmill allowed me to run in different counties and towns which was awesome. I picked Germany, and I was not disappointed! I knocked out 4.50 miles in no time then jumped on the elliptical for a bit. Once I was done and my legs felt like jello (don’t judge me, I’ve taken the last two days off from the gym due to an injury), I headed downstairs determined to find a smoothie or juice place. Luckily, they had one within the gym and better yet…everything was ORGANIC! I about jumped in excitement, but I was able to contain myself. I ordered a Very Berry Blast smoothie which consisted of whey protein, an assortment of berries and I added spinach and kale. It was pretty amazing.

So, long story short. Don’t skip a work-out because you have to travel for work. Bring a gym bag because that’ll help eliminate one excuse. To eliminate another excuse, head to the hotel right after work so you don’t get invited out to a bar to drink or eat garbage and hit the gym right away. You won’t regret it!

Also, if you’re in Chicagoland anytime soon, check out Lift Time Fitness. Ha, they should pay me for the free advertising and shout-out. 10850110_10100177532487379_8120087174999287868_n 10857850_10100177532567219_4276401994325485693_n 10376909_10100177532826699_8639187295285432556_nAlso, check out my YouTube video for more in depth description of my guest pass experience to Life Time Fitness—>

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