A Message to my Husband

To my husband,

You are such a blessing. I remember the moment I told you that I was pregnant. You were half asleep, dazed and a bit confused as to what I was saying. I was crying. We had tried long and hard to conceive and finally, finally we were expecting. That day was a blur and so were the next 8.5 months. We had talked about fears of parenthood. The possibilities of things we could screw up were endless and though we were excited to be parents, we were also terrified. We were about to be responsible for a child, and we were apprehensive to say the least. Anyone who says that they’re 100% prepared to be a parent is lying through their teeth. Nothing can prepare one for parenthood. There are curve balls constantly being thrown at new parents so it is impossible to prepare for every instance.
You make being a new dad look easy. You are more than perfect with our son, and it’s obvious how much our son adores you. He reaches for you and calls for you. He smiles whenever he catches glimpse of you and he looks forward to his morning snuggles with you. I’m not sure how I got so lucky. They say some woman seek a husband rather than seek a father, but I sought both. You were more than what my expectations could have been. You’re a great husband and father. You will teach our son many important and critical values. You will teach him how to treat a woman. He will be able to witness first-hand how you treat his mother which is with love, understanding and compassion. Not all little boys are fortunate enough to witness such a loving marriage. You will teach him how hard-work is important. You work long and hard oftentimes 6-7 days a week compromising personal time in order to help our family get ahead. That does not go unnoticed. You will teach him how to do things around the house and show him how to fix things. You will teach him and instill in him values that will allow him to grow into a responsible and well-rounded young man. When you are with our son, the love and admiration you have for him is written all over your face.

I still remember that night many months ago when our son was a few days old. I walked downstairs and you were crying. You weren’t loud and the tears weren’t immediately visible but you made eye contact with me and the tears were then visible. I asked you what was wrong. You were holding our newborn son, who was fast asleep, and said,” I just can’t believe he is ours. We made him.” I knelt down and kissed you. There will never be another beautiful moment like that moment. That moment I realized that you had been waiting to be a father for a long time. That night I couldn’t sleep because I realized how lucky I got. I married a man who was not only my best friend and a caring husband but a fantastic father.
Because if you, our son will grow up a blessed life. I will be there also, but there is nothing like a bond between a father and son. It’s this unseen and unbreakable bond. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to witness such love, such tenderness. I am blessed by you. Our son is blessed by you. This is a beautiful life that we have established as a family and I cannot wait to see where we go. Thank you for being an amazing husband and best friend. Thank you for being an even better father. Thank you for working so hard to provide for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything. There are no words to express my gratitude and admiration I have for you, my husband and our son’s father.
I love you.

father and son <3

father and son ❤

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