15 Ways to be a Better Wife

I know that I’m not the absolute best wife that I can be to my husband, and I won’t sit here and try to convince you of that. What I will tell you is that I’m not perfect nor is my husband. We are constantly striving to be better spouses to each other. I read a lot and do a lot of research in order to improve on my weakest points as a wife. It’s a constant learning curve, and I’m determined grow my marriage.

Here are some ways I can be a better wife:

1) Set aside ONE night a week with no social media: I’ll admit that I’m on my phone a lot whether it’s for work, checking in with my social media platforms or playing Trivia Crack (go ahead and judge me). I can improve on this as it is my husband’s pet peeve that I’m so drawn into my phone all of the time.

2) Listen: I’m a busy person, and sometimes I don’t give my husband the attention that he deserves. I need to slow down a bit and LISTEN to what he is saying to me. Really absorb it and take it all in.

3) Be a provider: I’m the type of woman who paid her way through her undergrad and graduate school so that I could be a provider. In my opinion, I do not provide as much as I should for my husband and I and our son, so it’s time to step up my game. I know what I want to do, and I need to work on my plan to get there.

4) Spend more time together alone: This isn’t an easy task considering we are on opposite work shifts and we have a one year old, but we need to make time for US. We have a lot of options. We could hire a babysitter, ask a friend or have a family member watch him to we can have a night out on the town.

5) Ask him how I can help make his day better: I need to ask more how I can help. I shouldn’t wait for him to let me know what I can help with, I just need to do it. He would appreciate it.

6) Write him more love notes and less “to-do-notes”: Every so often leave a nice note for him. Whether it’s as simple as  “I love you” or “Have a great day”, little notes likes this can make his day! Also, random text messages are awesome too!

7) Encourage my Husband more: When he is down or feeling discouraged, I should always try to encourage him and turn the situation at hand into a positive one. I must remind him that the moment he is experiencing is only temporary not permanent.

8) We are on the same team: When we are arguing or disagreeing about something, I must remember that we are on the same team. We have common goals, and we need to always work together to achieve our goals. I need to work with him, not against him and vice versa.

9) Make him the happiest husband ever: Do things that make him happy. That may be allowing him “guy time” or video game time. It may be helping paint for a few hours or helping with the yard. Either way, I know what makes him happy, so I need to work every day to make him the happiest husband ever.

10) Have more patience with my Husband: We may not agree on everything, but I must remain patient and understanding when it comes to accepting or being open minded to his opinions and/or thoughts.

11) Don’t try changing my Husband: He is who he is. He has been that way for 30 years before we were together and he has made it this far. I must learn to compromise (as does he) but I shouldn’t make it my mission to change certain things about him that I don’t like.

12)I need to make my Husband a priority: I am always working. Whether it’s recruiting talent, blogging, or being a mother, I leave little time for him. This isn’t something I do intentionally, but more so because I literally don’t have time. Marriage should ALWAYS come first, and it should always be a priority. Make time to make him a priority.

13) Take care of Myself: It’s only fair that I keep myself up to certain standards and expectations.  I need to pay attention to my exercise routines, the food I eat as well as good grooming. I must always maintain a positive attitude. The confidence I’ll earn through looking and feeling good is infectious, and I’ll continue being the vibrant woman with whom he fell in love with many years ago.

14) Pray for my Husband: Every day I should be praying for my husband. Pray for his health, his job and his faith in God. This is something I will do every morning or evening in a way to honor him and God.

15) Be a good Mother: There is nothing sexier to a husband than to be married to a great mother. I will continue being the mother I have always known I would become. I’ll take advice from my husband on ways to be a better mom. There is no perfect parent, but by working together, we can strengthen our parenting skills.

These are a few things I’m doing personally in order to be a better wife. Just because we are married and have been together for years, does not mean that I can stop trying in our marriage. Marriage is work and relationships can be hard, but if we are always trying to be better—our marriage will grow stronger by the day.

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