15 Ways to be a Better Husband


Marriage is not easy, nor should people proclaim that it is. Marriage takes open communication, understanding, compromises and tons of love to prosper and grow. Marriage requires work from both husband and wife. Below I included ways to be a better husband. A previous post was ways a woman could be a better wife. I share the love, and I don’t pretend women are perfect, because we aren’t. Neither are men, so most of the time I blog about both. Enjoy my latest post!

  1. Stop Dreaming about Alternatives: If you start swaying from your wife during confrontations and asking yourself if things would be different with someone else, just stop. There is no reason to believe that arguments won’t exist if you are with someone else, so quit wasting your time and energy.
  2. Cook Her Dinner: Give your wife the night off from making dinner. I know in my household, I cook our meals 95% of the time, and most nights I really don’t mind. Every once in a while it’d be nice to sit back and relax and watch that handsome husband of mine man the kitchen.
  3. Be More Attentive: Sometimes the busyness of the day gets in the way of being attentive to your spouse. Slow down a bit and ask her “how was your day?” Just enjoy having a conversation with your wife and try to make the conversation focus around something other than work and the news. Make it personable.
  4. Unplug: We are all guilty of this, but make sure to unplug from your phone, computer and/or iPad daily to enjoy some quality time with your wife. This may seem like something easy to do, but has proven to be a difficult task.
  5. Unwind Together: Try to unwind with your wife each day. After the kids are put to bed and the kitchen is cleaned up from dinner, try to spent some quality time with your wife. Whether it watching a favorite TV show, sharing a glass of wine or taking a bath together, the togetherness you will share with her will turn any hectic day around.
  6. Compliment Her (Publicly and Privately): What girl doesn’t like receiving a compliment from time to time? Your wife may received them from other men (unfortunately) so ensure you are also doing it. Whether it’s complimenting the way she looks one day or thanking her for a tasty meal, it’s important to incorporate this into your daily routine. It can be subtle but can mean the world to your wife.
  7. Be Her Biggest Fan: Whether she is on top of the world or down in the dumps, always be her number one fan. You should be her biggest supporter and encourage her daily to be a better person. Push her to keep going when times are hard. Don’t ever break her down and make her feel weak for sharing her emotions with you. Remember it’s not a sign of weakness. Be understanding and help her grow.
  8. Make Time for Her Friends and Family: Whether her family and friends are near or far, make sure to set time aside to spend quality time with them. Now that you’re married, it’s important to spend adequate time with both sides of the family. It can mean the world to her. You will see if this is done for her, she will reciprocate positively.
  9. Be a Team: Stand behind your wife. Always be a team and protect your marriage at all times. Unfortunately so many couples divorce because their life was not based on teamwork. Marriage is hard, and teamwork is necessary to make a marriage last and keep it full of love and open communication.
  10. Show Affection Outside of the Bedroom: Affection in the bedroom is a must, but showing affection outside of the bedroom is also important. It can be as subtle as holding hands or sharing a kiss or embracing for a hug. Showing affection is not a bad thing nor is it overrated.
  11. Make it a Clean Fight & Don’t Hold Grudges: When an argument arises, keep it clean. Don’t name-call or bring up things from the past. Handle the situation in the most mature manner. Most of the time arguments arise from something small, so there is no reason why it should become a larger deal. Play nice and don’t hold grudges. Once an argument is done, it’s done.
  12. Plan a Romantic Getaway: Ship the kids off to the grandparents and take your wife on a romantic getaway. Whether it’s an overnight stay out of town or a few days of vacation, don’t be afraid to indulge in each other for once. It’s ok to have alone time and you shouldn’t feel guilty about having someone watch the kids so you can enjoy some quality time together without changing diapers and cleaning up toys day in and day out.
  13. Help with House Chores: Clean the dishes or do some laundry. Clean up after yourselves. Sometimes chores can take up a lot of time especially when you’re chasing kids around, so helping with some would allow more time to spend together.
  14. Buy her Flowers or a Card for No Reason: You never need a reason to do something sweet for your wife. Sending her flowers or buying her a card just because is enough to melt her heart. Don’t be that guy who thinks they are a waste of money. It’s the little things sometimes. This little act of kindness can reassure her how appreciated and love she is.
  15. Be the Father she had Always Wanted for her Children: Be the best dad that you can be to your children. Spend time with them, teach them, play with them and love them with all of your heart. If you can be a good father to your children, it’ll make you wife happy as well. Trust me. There is nothing sexier than an amazing father.

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