15 Signs it’s Time to Make a Career Change

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Are you constantly stressed at work? Do you feel as though you don’t fit in with the company culture or that your long-term goals aren’t aligned with what you’re doing currently? Do you feel like your voice for positive change is unheard by decision makers? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, you might be ready to make a career change.

If you feel like your career and long-term goals do not align, necessary adjustments must be made sooner rather than later. Most people will realize that they’re unhappy in their current work situation, whereas others may not realize it until someone points it out. Those that realize it may do one of three things: 1) Try to improve their current situation, 2) Complain about it every day or 3) Remain in denial of how bad the situation really is and just “ride out the storm”.

There may be ways to improve your current situation and issues you are experiencing, but if you see multiple signs (like the ones listed below), then it’s very likely your time to make a career change.

  1. You lack the Passion you once had
  2. You feel as though things going on within the company go against your morals/beliefs
  3. You’re miserable and you dread coming into work each morning
  4. Your company is going backwards or regressing negatively
  5. You dislike some of your co-workers and/or boss
  6. You don’t fit in with the corporate culture and don’t believe in the company anymore
  7. You’re consistently negative, stressed and/or unhappy while at work
  8. You’re bringing home your work-related stress
  9. You don’t feel motivated and your work performance is suffering because of it
  10. Your work-life balance is non-existent
  11. You’re bored and your skills, abilities and potential are untapped
  12. Your job duties and responsibilities have increased, but ironically your pay has remained the same
  13. Your ideas for change are not being heard
  14. You experience sexual harassment, verbal abuse and/or witness illegal behavior taking place daily
  15. You have dreams much bigger than your current situation

Once you realize that it’s time for a career change, there are a few things you can learn from your current work situation when searching for your next career. Look for the following while seeking your next career:

  • Company culture
  • Compensation package
  • Work-life balance
  • Benefits
  • Company reputation

Making a career change can be really scary, but someone once said “Nothing is worth it if you’re not happy.” Life is too short to be in a career where you’re not happy. You may realize that you have so much more to offer the world or a company, and you may see that your true potential will remain untapped unless you make the necessary changes in your life.

When considering a career change, there are a few things you should remember. Determine if your current situation can change in a positive way first before leaving. You may love your job, but there may be things that are deterring you. Take time to analyze your current situation, and don’t jump ship unless you feel that there is nothing more to be done to improve the situation.

If you decide that it’s time to change careers, remember these things:

  • Give your current employer a proper notice
  • Don’t burn bridges-leave on good terms
  • Give constructive feedback during your exit review
  • Stay in touch
  • Don’t bad-mouth the company

Don’t be scared of doing what’s right for you. Go forth towards your dreams because you deserve to be happy whether it’s in your current situation or in another situation.


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