My Letter To Mothers Everywhere


To all of the mothers out there who may not hear enough just how loved and appreciated they are, here is letter just for you. Listen up. Take it to heart. Believe it to be true. Rejoice in your awesomeness of being a Mother.

Dearest tired, worn-out 
mother of someone,
There are a few things I'd like you to know
and to understand as being something true. 
You are doing a wonderful job.
Despite the things you label and construe as mistakes or
failures, it's important to know that somewhere within the chaos and the mess
lies beauty.
Every day you are there for them,
Whether you are sick or healthy
Tired or awake
You are there. Always
You somehow have energy each day
despite getting a full nights rest.
Dear beautiful wonderful tired you,
You are doing a wonderful job.
You are their sunshine on a rainy day, 
the Batman to their Robin,
 their hand to hold, their blanket when they're cold,
their teacher, their friend, their beautiful wonderful
Please know that you are loved for so many reasons.
You amaze people every day by the many hats you wear. 
You are loved for your gentle touch,
those magical kisses that can fix a boo-boo, those hugs that can fix anything.
No matter how the day ends-
YOU make it better just by being there.
You are doing a wonderful job.
Don't stress out about that to-do list,
or the mess over there or the things that didn't get done.
Rather rejoice in the memories that were made that day.
You are loved for the meals that are prepared,
the folded laundry so neatly put away
and for the house that somehow manages to be clean
even after the most hectic of days.
Just for a minute, relax.
Sit a moment.
Make sure to catch your breath.
YOU are superwoman.
You are doing your best, so stop being so hard on yourself.
You are doing a wonderful job.
You don't skip a beat. 
Day after day, month after month, year after year
Appreciate yourself. Appreciate all that you do.
Every damn day.
Wear that crown of Motherhood with pride-
you most certainly have earned it.
You are the light of your children's eyes, their protector,
the one they love, the one they trust-
the one they call Mom.
At the end of the day, regardless of how the day went,
You will be there for them. 
You will always be their mother
through thick and thin.
You are doing a wonderful job.
Everyone is just fine.
They are happy, they are kind. They are simply beautiful beings..
all because of you.

You are doing a wonderful job, yesterday, today and tomorrow.
You are superwoman.

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