Things I was Thinking While Running my FIRST 1/2 Marathon

11209737_10100245325883869_6896245006848816729_n (1)

Many people called me crazy when I told them I had registered for the Kalamazoo Borgess 1/2 Marathon. I was never a runner, but I was determined to accomplish this goal finally. I started training on March 18th, and continued with a structured work out plan to help prepare me for this challenge. My training consisted of running 3-4 times a week as well as cross-training 1-2 a week. I started training by myself for the first few weeks, but wasn’t happy with my time. I partnered up with my long-time friend, Jen, who pushed me and challenged me throughout the training. Without her, I wouldn’t have been as well prepared for the run. As I was running, I took mental note of the things I was either thinking and/or saying throughout my 13.1 miles of running. Enjoy. 🙂

  • Damn, 4:30 am is really early.
  • Am I really doing this?
  • Better take a picture before I start running
  • Please don’t have to pee..or poop.
  • It’s cold, I don’t want to take off my cover
  • There is a lot of competition here
  • I should be able to beat that girl (hopefully)
  • It’s personal bubble has been invaded
  • Hey, I got a shout everyone knows that this is my first 1/2. Better not disappoint..or DIE
  • And we’re lining up
  • Look, we are being herded like cattle towards the start line
  • Did that guy just bump me and not say sorry?
  • And they’re singing the national anthem
  • Where is the flag? Oh there it is.
  • We are counting down. Shits about to get real
  • And we’re off, sort off
  • Stop walking, run!
  • Must get to outside lane
  • That’s better
  • Just running down Gull Lake at 8 am for fun.
  • That was a mile? Hey, maybe I can do this
  • This guy just told me he has never done a 10k or half marathon but now he is running the full? AND he has only trained 4 weeks? WTF
  • Wait where is mile 2? Maybe I can’t do this
  • Did that guy just take a selfie mid-run?
  • He sure did, I should have photo bombed him
  • These pants are a little loose. I should have bought a medium
  • Down the hill we go, I love hills
  • Awe look at those people cheering us on
  • That guy is not cheering us on
  • Yay headed downtown
  • Passing beer is never easy
  • Oh look Gazelles, I’ll be seeing you next week for some new kicks
  • “Chuck Norris never ran a 1/2”, clever sign. A+ for creativity
  • Did I just slow down or did Jen? Definitely not Jen. Run harder before she yells at you
  • Oh a tunnel
  • Smells like a marsh
  • Wonder if a homeless person lives under here
  • Gummy bears?
  • I need that water
  • Is this bridge moving or am I losing it?
  • It’s the bridge, thank goodness
  • My legs hurt, don’t tell Jen
  • Hey Mr. Mohney!
  • Why am I doing this again?
  • That lady likes to run marathons in the Colorado mountains? She must be nuts!
  • Jason and Braxton are probably both still sleeping
  • I wish I was sleeping
  • Crap, mile 8 means we are going to be running up that hill
  • This hill sucks
  • Jen, grab my hand…
  • Popsicle’s..
  • Jen just ran and jumped into a hug with someone else. How is she even able to jump after that hill?
  • Only a 5k left? I want to die.
  • Worst idea ever.
  • She is yelling at me again…..
  • Keep your mouth shut.
  • You’d only speak out of hunger, the fact that you’re sore and/or tired
  • Don’t think about.
  • Stay quiet.
  • That was harder than I thought.
  • Oh look, another hill
  • It’s not that much smaller
  • Almost there? If I can’t see the finish line, we aren’t even close!
  • There are a lot of people along Gull Road.
  • They look so happy for us.
  • I know I look pissed
  • Try to smile
  • That’s not a smile, that’s a grin
  • Just around the corner?
  • Where is the dang finish line?
  • There it is.
  • Run faster? Are you mad?
  • Dang it, there Jen goes.
  • .I’m running faster.
  • Ahhhhhhhh
  • YAY! We’re done.
  • Am I still running?
  • I’m walking side-ways
  • Where is some chocolate milk?
  • Oh hey Matt and LeAnne
  • Holy crap that was hard
  • Soooooo glad I did it
  • My legs are killing me
  • And I’m walking side-ways still
  • Why did I do that again? I’m not going to be able to walk later, or tomorrow or the next day…
  • I’m ALIVE.

I’m sure that there were many more thoughts that crossed my mind in the 13.1 miles that I ran during the 1/2 Marathon, but those are some of the thoughts that stuck out. I tried to take a mental note of some of the bizarre things I was thinking and or saying to others. I’m happy to have completed my first 1/2 marathon, and although it was very challenging for me, I’m happy to have experienced it. The friends and family along the course cheering on their loved ones was amazing. Some of the signs were pretty great too and warranted several chuckles along the way. I’m lucky to have had Jen there to help push me and help me finish the race, and although I was just shy of my goal, I can’t be that disappointed in my results.

Congratulations to all those who participated in the event. It was great!

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