The Types of Mothers you’re Bound to See on Facebook


We all know one of those moms who just drives us absolutely nuts on Facebook. We struggle to keep our mouths shut over some of the things they post whether it’s a picture or post. I’m not pointing any fingers, because I know I have fallen into one of these categories before. I am still in one or more of these categories. Here are some of the mothers you’re bound to see on Facebook.

  • Political Mom: This mom posts political rants on different candidates and oftentimes will get into a political debate with someone at the drop of a hat. It’s hard to differentiate them from a mother and political strategist.
  • The Mom-Poser: This mom would rather be doing anything BUT being a parent. They aren’t scared to post their baby-free adventures for all to see.
  • The Party Animal Mom: This mom will hire a sitter a few times a week just so that they can party with their friends. They lack full-parent responsibilities and it’s clear when they post pictures of themselves partying on Facebook. What is even worse if when they choose to party and their kids are present.
  • The Over-Achieving Mom: This tends to be a very conceded mother who shares her latest and greatest accomplishment for all to see.She wants everyone to see when she does something great and wants to reap the compliments from us all.
  • Martha-Mom: Everything this mother does it literally Pinterest-perfect. She will spend hours upon hours figuring out ways to plan the best get-togethers, parties, lunches, snacks, etc. She loves to outshine her fellow moms and “pinners”.
  • Judgmental Mom: This mom always has an opinion on something and judges everyone she comes into contact with. For instance, if you don’t use clothe diapers and go with disposable diapers, the judgmental mom will attack you for damaging the environment. No one is ever right in their eyes.
  • Stalker Mom: It’s as thought these moms sit on their computer all day waiting for someone to update their status just so they can “like” and comment on it.
  • The Over-Liker: If you post an album on Facebook, be prepared to have this person “like” nearly every single photo. What’s worse is when they comment on almost every picture. Hello 976 Facebook notifications!
  • The Photographer Mom: It’s easy to pick these types of mom out of a line-up because most of their pictures on Facebook look professional. It’s not that they have a professional photographer walking around documenting their life, but rather the mother carries around her camera documenting their life.
  • Gloating Mom: This mom will argue all day long that she has the perfect life, the best husband and father, the most beautiful home on the block, the greenest grass, the prettiest flowers, etc. You name it, this mom has it better than you.
  • The Know-It-All Mom: There is no reason to google an answer, because I’m sure if you were to ask this mom anything she will answer with a confidence too high for her own good. This mom is a self-proclaimed expert on EVERYTHING.
  • Open Diary Mom: Nothing is a secret for this mom. If she is having marital problems, it’ll be splashed across Facebook as though it was on the front cover of PEOPLE magazine. Going to her Facebook is like reading straight from her diary. If you need a good laugh, I highly suggest going to this person’s Facebook page.
  • Complainer Mom: This mom will literally take to Facebook to complain about everything. If the burger joint forgot to put pickles on her burger, she is going to let everyone know about how unhappy she is with the burger joint by posting it on Facebook. She may even make it a point to leave them a bad review on their Facebook business page.
  • The Not-So-Sober Mom: This mom is the first to give you advice if you’re having a rough day. The advice will most likely involve alcohol.
  • My Child is Better than Your Child Mom: If you post something on Facebook regarding your child that you’re particularly proud of, this mom will comment on your post/picture claiming their child did the same thing but better. For instance, if your child got an A on a school project, the “my child is better than your child” mom will say that their child received an A+ and the child was honored at an assembly.

How many of you know one of these moms? How many of you can pin-point what kind of mom you are? Do you relate with more than one? Are you scared to admit to it?

It’s okay to be one of these moms, but just make sure that before you go judging or commenting on someone’s post or picture, you take a look at yourself and the type of Facebook mom category you fall into.

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