The Many Joys of Being a Mother

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There are many reasons why I am joyful of being a mother, and I have compiled a short list of some of the reasons. There are hundreds more, as I’m sure other mothers would argue, but here are some that have really made me realize the pure joys of being a mother.

  1. Finding purpose in my life. I’m not saying that my life had no purpose pre-motherhood, but becoming a mother has definitely put so many things into perspective. I live for being a mother and a wife. I now know that my life was incomplete before I had my little family.
  2. Experiencing love unlike anything I’ve ever encountered. I knew love prior to having my son but nothing could prepare me for the instant amount of love I had when I conceived him then bore him. My heart was pretty full before him, but now it’s bursting at the seams.
  3. Rising to the occasion. Some days I’m literally running all around trying to balance being a mom, a wife, a business owner as well as working a full time job. It seems no matter how chaotic the days gets, the most important things still manage to get done. You can call me (as well as millions and millions of other moms out there) ‘super mom’!
  4. Enjoying seeing my son Grow. Every day my son is learning something new and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Seeing him learn new things and explore so much has been one of the greatest things to witness as a parent.
  5. Seeing life through curious eyes and not taking life too seriously. I think as adults we take life too seriously and we lose sight of the small and oftentimes more important things. We forget to enjoy life because we are so busy trying to make it in life. As a mother, I’m able to be silly and live without judgement. I don’t take for granted seeing the world through a 15 month old–it’s refreshing.
  6. It’s a reminder to slow down. I’m super busy and at times I’m too busy to actually give my son and my husband the time they so rightfully deserve. I’ve learned to slow down and accept the fact that there will be messes and dirty clothes that aren’t immediately attended too. There will be hand marks on windows and toys literally everywhere, but I’ve learned that those things are all part of being a mother. I’m ok with that. Slowing down and spending time with my son and my husband is more important than anything else.
  7. It’s helped me to be brave. Being a mother has taught me to face and conquer my fears so I can teach my son to do the same. Instead of running away and avoiding my fears, I face them head on.
  8. It’s a reminder to disconnect. It’s ok to not answer every phone call and text message right when your phone dings. I don’t have to respond to emails on the weekend. I have learned that some things can just wait. My son is more important than any text messages and emails.
  9. I’ve learned to have a new respect for my body. My body has been tested more than I ever could have imagined as a mother. First with carrying my precious son, then having him and doing the things necessary to provide for my son and then the fact that I never get ‘good’ sleep because I’m putting my sons well being before my own. There are sacrifices I have made for the past few years that have helped me learn the strength of my body. Though it may be imperfect, it’s my body.
  10. Being a mother had helped me re-focus on goals and has given me restored ambitions. I’m nowhere near where I’d like to be as a working mother and wife, but because I have my son it has motivated me to do the things I’ve been wanting to do. I am achieving my goals and pushing myself to be the best version of me. I’m a better person because of my son.

For the everyday joys I experience, I am eternally grateful and indebted to my son and also my husband. I’ve grown so much the last few years and I’m looking forward to such a bright and wonderful future filled with accomplished dreams and amazing memories. Being a parent has seriously been the most amazing experience in my entire life.

Moms, rejoice! Acknowledge the joys of being a mother, for you have most certainly earned it.

One thought on “The Many Joys of Being a Mother

  1. Adele Charity says:

    Danielle, I couldn’t agree more! Having you girls did the same for me and you are STILL and always will be a constant source of joy and unconditional love. No one will ever love you as your child does. You girls have been there for me through so many challenging times and now you give me grandsons too! I love being a mom! It is indeed the most rewarding job in the world!

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