25 Things a Mother Should Teach her Son

There will always be a special bond between and mother and son. As a mother, we have the power to shape the next generation of men. We can do our due diligence in raising an exceptional man by teaching them some important life lessons.


Here are 25 Things a Mother Should Teach her Son:

  1. Respect Women. Don’t be intimidated by a driven and successful woman.
  2. Show your partner affection, honesty, love and devotion.
  3. Aim where you Pee. Less spills equals less cleaning up.
  4. Don’t go for the Trashy girl at the bar. Your mother taught you better. Don’t let her down.
  5. Saving your money is cool; besides, you’ll need it in the future so invest in that.
  6. Respect people of the law and military.
  7. If a girl tries to change you-she doesn’t really love You.
  8. Learn your way around a kitchen- it’s not just for women
  9. Cleanliness is a must- shower daily, trim your nails and wear deodorant
  10. A Dutch oven is never funny. Ever.
  11. Learn to use some basic tools.
  12. Read and educate yourself. The sky is the limit
  13. Visit the doctor yearly and take care of yourself. Hit the gym and eat your vegetables.
  14. It’s never acceptable to break up with a woman via text or on the phone. Be a man and do it in person
  15. When you ask a girl, “Is something wrong?” and her response is simply, “No.”-She’s lying.
  16. Table manners- use them always
  17. Don’t ever use your fists to fix a dispute. There could be permanent and severe consequences for those actions
  18. Wear them.
  19. It’s ignorant to use the word “gay” in a derogatory manner.
  20. A real woman does not look like a Victoria Secret model. Don’t be shallow.
  21. Be a spiritual leader.
  22. Don’t give into peer pressure. It may be a hard thing to do, but stand strong even if you’re the only one standing. You’re more courageous than all of them for doing so.
  23. Never settle for less than what you deserve
  24. Don’t be scared of facing your emotions. It does not make you less of a man
  25. Remember to call your mother- she is probably missing you.


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