20 Things to Start Doing in Your Relationship

Relationships are hard. They are by no means easy and require compromises, un-wavered love, understanding and forgiveness. Relationships will be challenged with hard times and rewarded with great times, but in order for a relationship to truly thrive and grow continuously year after year, there are things that you need to be doing now to ensure that the relationship will continue to prosper and grow well into the future.

  1. Stop associating with negative people-they can be toxic to your relationship
  2. Forget those who were in your past-they’re there for a reason
  3. Treat your spouse with kindness and respect, even when you don’t want too
  4. Accept them for who they are-don’t try to change them
  5. Always encourage your spouse instead of tearing them down
  6. Always be yourself and don’t try to be someone who isn’t you. You’re imperfectly perfect, and your spouse likes the version of YOU
  7. Choose to forgive and move forward instead of holding grudges and ill-feelings towards your spouse
  8. Give them a fair chance and hear them out open-mindedly
  9. Do little things every day for your spouse
  10. Be loyal
  11. Never stop dating your spouse
  12. Keep your promises and always tell the truth even if you know it may hurt your spouse
  13. Listen more, talk less- communicate often and openly
  14. Leave petty arguments alone
  15. Pay attention to your relationship-notice when things are stagnant and fix them
  16. Pay attention to who your real friends are- if there is someone who may be threatening to your relationship, cut ties with them immediately
  17. Choose to ignore un-constructive and hurtful commentary from others
  18. Fight daily for your relationship
  19. Love fearlessly
  20. Never ever give up. Your relationship is worth fighting for.

There will always be some unfortunate situations where a relationship is beyond repair. In instances like that, apply this list to your other relationships with friends and family members. Strengthen those relationships that matter.

Photo credits: Jens Mayer, Gerard Moonen & Scott Webb

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