6 Things the Ashley Madison Infidelity Site Taught us All About Cheating

A few weeks ago the well known infidelity website, Ashley Madison, was hacked exposing nearly 33 million cheating men and women from all around the world. The websites’ motto reads, “Life is Short. Have an Affair.” With a motto like that, and it comes as no surprise that people are having a field day with the now seven years of now searchable and very public data. Husbands and wives are frantically going to the source searching for their significant other in hopes that they won’t find them as a user on the site.

Well-known celebrities are being exposed daily and the scandal has continued to be splashed across printed media and website outlets alike. Putting all of the cheating assholes aside, there is quite a bit we have all learned as a society about extramarital affairs.

There are a shit ton of People who Cheat (or aspire to Cheat)

Sadly with more than 33 million users actively registered on Ashley Madison, it’s safe to say that a ton of people cheat or have a desire to cheat on their significant other.

What you do or say Online is Public

It’s no secret that even the most secure sites get hacked. With that being said, it’s even more important to be careful on what you share on your social profiles. Also keep in mind that nothing is ever completely erased, so there will be a trail of evidence of what you’re doing online. If you’re using a credit card to use services on a website, it’s important to remember that it may be exposed to potential hackers– maybe not initially, but down the road that information may be accessible.

People who Cheat are Sneaky

Individuals who stray from their significant others are doing everything they can to keep their infidelities a secret (for obvious reasons). They try to keep their identity secret by utilizing a web-mail and prepaid credit cards to try and prevent their user name and profile activity from being linked back to them.

Cheating Doesn’t ‘Just Happen’

There has been a debate for decades that states that affairs ‘just happen’. Cheaters have argued that they happen when they least expect it and claim that they weren’t necessarily looking to have an affair. With the hack of Ashley Madison, it’s proven that men and women alike plan to have an affair. Their infidelities are premeditated, so the debate of “affairs just happen” is totally bullshit.

True Commitment and Monogamy are Rare

With the hack of Ashley Madison, it’s safe to say that true commitment and monogamy is rare. With the millions of users now exposed and searchable, it’s very likely that we all know someone who is an active user on the website. Unfortunately, relationships and marriages just aren’t what they used to be.

The Ashley Madison Hack Won’t Cause as Many Divorces as One would Think

It’s known that most individuals who are cheated on, stay with their partner despite it. That’s a sad reality for most.


My hopes is that those in marriages refocus their energy on their spouse and renew their commitment to them. With all of the temptation we are exposed to on a daily basis, it’s important to stand strong with your spouse and commit to the vows you made when you got married. Avoid temptation. Stay committed.

Learn from the Ashley Madison hack. It’s not worth it.


Picture Sources: Oh Snap! Photography by Lia

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