What Men Want on Valentine’s Day (& Every Other Day)

**I recently wrote a post on What Women Want on Valentine’s Day (& Every Other Day), so it was only fair to write one on What Men Want on Valentine’s Day (& Every Other Day) as well. Enjoy!


Whether you’re married or just dating, there are some things that most men want for Valentine’s Day or any other day for that matter. These things shouldn’t be reserved only for Valentine’s Day, and it’s important to practice these things several times throughout the year! Happy husband means happy wife, or something like that, right!?

A Night Out

Contrary to popular belief, one of the things men miss most about bachelorhood isn’t the notion of chasing after women, but it’s the opportunity to kick back with their guy friends and throw back a few cold ones. You can help fill that gap of a night out by allowing your man to pick out a place to grab some hot wings and beer once a month with him!

You can also give him a night out with his buddies. If there is a big game on, and his friends are dying to hang out, let him go out for the night! He will appreciate the man time and be more prone to give you “girl time” when you ask for it. It’s a fair trade-off.

An Outfit Worn Specifically for Him

It doesn’t need to be an over-the-top librarian outfit or barely-there leather bodysuit, but try to surprise your man with some classy lingerie. Light some candles and play some some romantic music to help the set the mood. He will totally dig it, and the sex will be that much more fun also!

Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card

We all make mistakes, so what better gift to give your man than one night of amnesty. I’m not saying that you should give your man a “hall-pass”, but let him present his get-out-of-free-jail card one night when he moderately screws up like when he drinks too much and is worthless the next day. 🙂 

Fantasy Sex

Though this may take some serious brain-storming, engaging in your man’s idea of ‘fantasy sex’ will make his night. Maybe he’s into strawberries and whipped cream or ties and hand-cuffs? Maybe he likes erotic movies? Give him a night where you play by his rules and actively participate in his fantasies!

*Do this within reason. Don’t do anything too crazy, but crazy enough to make it memorable! 


Most men indulge in the occasional alcoholic beverage, so try surprising him with a variety pack of different beers.  Grab a few style beers you know that he drinks normally, and then throw in a few that you don’t think he has tried before. It’s thoughtful, and he’ll be intrigued with the different variety of beer that you picked out.

Video Game Night

When you’re married and children are involved, it can be hard for your man to unwind with his favorite video game. Give him a video game night where you get the kids ready for bed and take care of some of the chores he’d usually do. He’ll appreciate the time to himself, and he will be more willing to give you time for yourself each week as well.

A Day off Work

Give your man a day off work. Let him play hooky and do whatever he wants for one day (within reason), and don’t ask him to do anything. He will most likely sleep in, drink beer instead of coffee in the morning, watch TV and play video games. AND, He will love every damn minute of it.

Home-Cooked Meal

Men love coming home to a home-cooked meal, especially when steak is involved. Once a month indulge in a really high quality and expensive steak. Grill it up and serve with some of your man’s favorite side dishes. This will make his night and give him a happy full belly.

Tickets to the Big Game

It’d be one hell of a surprise if you grab him tickets to see his favorite sports team in action. Whether you grab tickets for two or a few so he can take his buddies, he will be so grateful for the opportunity to get out and cheer on his favorite team!


Just like women, men want to feel loved and appreciated it. By doing some of these things monthly for them, they’re sure to feel the love. Plus, all of the great things you’re doing for them will be reciprocated!

Picture Source: Quinn Dombrowski, Lauren Topor

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