8 HUGE Reasons to Quit your Job and Pursue your Dreams


Are you working a job that you just don’t enjoy? Do you feel like you’re going to work just to collect a paycheck and feel as though you aren’t making a real difference? Do you have dreams for yourself that you have yet to accomplish, but you’re too scared to go after them? Maybe you don’t have the time or energy to pursue them?

Quit your job. Follow that passion. Chase that dream.

While I wholeheartedly advocate chasing your dreams, there are a few things you need to do before up and quitting your job:

  • Set up an emergency fund of a minimum of 3-6 months to cover your expenses
  • Look at your dream objectively and determine how that dream will turn into income
  • Develop a business plan and outline your business goals, mission and value statements. Also, explore who your ideal customers would be.
  • Create a back-up plan
  • Network, network, network

Anything else we forgot?


If you’ve accomplished these items, you’re ready to quit your job in order to focus on your dreams. In all actuality the reason most people don’t chase their dreams, is they don’t have the time or money to do so. That’s why it’s important to save money for an emergency fund and get the time you need to get your businesses or dream up and running.

  1. You’ll be in control of your life: Right now you’re helping others achieve their dreams, not yours.  It’s a liberating experience when you have to report only to yourself and you have the freedom to do what you’re passionate about.
  2. Sense of fulfillment: Fulfillment can be achieved when you are able to follow whatever it is that your passionate about. You start seeing the results of your hard work, you’ll see a return on your investment and you’re able to change the world the best way that you know how. Those are all very satisfying and fulfilling feelings for those who finally chase their dreams!
  3. You’ll no longer ask yourself, “What if?”: You’ll have no regrets at the end of the day, because you took that giant leap. You quit your job and followed your passion. You’re living with the consequences and the accomplishments of chasing your dream. Years from now you’ll be happy that you chased your dreams because there are others who regret not chasing theirs. Don’t be one of them.
  4. Success comes with hard work: You won’t be successful overnight, but some day you will be. Success is waking up each and every day happy that you’re doing what you love to do and being with others who inspire you and motivate you to be the best that you can be.
  5. Personal Development: Now that you are your own boss, your destiny lies completely in your own hands. You’re responsible for your outcome. You’re going to be much more on-hands and involved while doing the activities that are related to your dream job. You’re going to learn a lot about your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll hear no, and you’ll make mistakes, but the great part of it all is that you’re developing personally and growing through those experiences. Embrace them. Don’t give up.
  6. Start now, stop wasting time: If you’re motivated and ready to do what you love for a living, then stop wasting time helping others achieve their dreams. Stop wasting energy working so hard for others, when you could be using that energy to follow your dreams and do whatever it is that you want to do.
  7. You’ll learn to be creative and innovative: Following your dreams can be expensive, but if you do your research and get creative in your thinking, there are ways to chase those dreams and accomplish them without draining your bank account.
  8.  Empowerment: There is nothing more rewarding then quitting your job and running your own business or publishing a book you’ve been working on for years. Empowerment involves creating your own reality based on what you have inside you. Your drive to be successful, your creativity, your passion to do what it is you love to do and not being scared to fail and make mistakes. Taking control of your own life is immensely empowering.


When you quit your job and pursue your true passion without distractions, you will meet new people, explore new places and change you life for good. You have the ability to be successful, but it comes with hard work, perseverance, time and energy!


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