12 HUGE Reasons why I’m Not Worried about my Husband Cheating


There is no doubt that my husband is an attractive man. I would argue that some men are envious of his charming demeanor, his confidence and physique. Some of my friends have even commented on his looks. I’ve also noticed how much of a chick-magnet he has become since having our son. Women gawk at him when he holds our son’s hand or interacts with him when we are out and about. It’s no secret that women, of all ages, appreciate a hot dad!

I’m sure he knows how good-looking he is, but he never boasts or  mentions it. I’m sure he gets hit on all the time (though he tells me doesn’t), but that’s out of my control, so there is no reason to be salty about it.

In fact, I wholeheartedly trust him. I trust his decisions. I believe him when he tells me something, and I feel as though he is always honest with me. Furthermore, I haven’t had a reason to NOT trust him in the nearly 8 years of being with him.


Here are just a few of the reasons why my husband would never cheat on me:

  1. He had his freedom and partners in his younger years. I’m sure that he has seen it all, and as you all know the saying, ” been there, done that!”
  2. He is a fully dedicated father who makes time to spend with the family which tells me how much he values it.
  3. He calls or texts several times throughout the day asking how I’m doing. He also wants to make sure that when there is bad weather that our son and I are safe. That tells me that he thinks of myself and our son often.
  4. He is a grown man and has a mind of his own. There is no doubt that he has the capability of saying no.  Plus, he has a conscious unlike anyone I know.
  5. He comments on my looks all the time which obviously makes me feel wanted.
  6. He plans nights out for us. Sometimes those nights out are for just the two of us, and other times those nights are planned to include our son. Either way, the gesture is sweet!
  7. He is honest. If he were to get hit on, he would tell me. His honesty makes me trust him.
  8. He hugs, kisses and smacks my ass at random. Those little signs of affection tells me that he desires me and if he is doing those things to me, he is less likely doing them to someone else.
  9. He buys me random gifts, and although I am by no means a materialistic individual, the little gifts here and there are thoughtful.
  10. He encourages me daily and pushes me to be a better version of myself. He invests in me, believes in me and motivates me daily.
  11. He would literally do anything for me.
  12. We have been through a ton of shit that would normally tear other couples apart, but we have become closer because of what we have gone through.

Because he is doing all of the above things (and more!), I 100% believe that he will never cheat on me. He may not do those things every day, but every day, I feel loved.


Now, if he stops doing many of the things that he is currently doing, then I’d be more open to questioning his level of commitment, but until then, I’ll continue living a happy life with my main squeeze and our precious little boy.



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