Pom Pom Easter Egg Painting


Sunday fun day called for another day of arts and crafts!

I know I know, we are a tad bit ahead of the game as far as Easter crafts! We know that Easter is still weeks out, but we are surely enjoying all of the arts and crafts we did this weekend!
We, being my toddler son and I.

Here is our craft from today: Pom Pom Easter Egg Painting.


  • Paint, whichever colors you choose
  • Cotton balls for each color
  • Clothes pins
  • Paper plates
  • Paper towels or wet wipes
  • Newspaper
  • Paint paper
  • Permanent marker


  • Squeeze a quarter-size  sample of paint for each color you plan on using onto a paper-plate
  • Attach a clothes pin to each cotton ball using it as a handle
  • Draw a large outline of an egg onto the paint paper
  • Dab the cotton balls into the paint and arrange however you want within the egg
  • Once you feel as though your egg is painted, you can then cut the egg out of the paper once dried
  • Once fully dry, use the permanent marker to write whatever you choose to within the egg (ex. Easter 2016)

Again, my son had fun with this painting activity and went all wild when dabbing the cotton ball into the paint and transferring it onto the paper. He managed to get himself covered in paint which of course led to an immediate bath. 

Check out some of the photos we captured:


I’m finding more and more how much my son loves painting and doing anything associated with the arts-much like his momma!

When he is engaging in such activities, it’s fun to watch him go through the motions because it appears that he is systematically thinking through each step.

This is an easy art project that you can do with children as young as two. I only say this because my son will be two in March, and he did well with this activity.

I do, however, recommend stripping your child down to their diaper if they’re my son’s age, because he covered himself with paint but enjoyed every second of that process!

Stay tuned for our next project! 

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