10 Things Happy Couples Do Every Day


It goes without saying that marriage takes work, a lot of work.

Marriage requires patience, understanding, laughter and falling in love with each other over and over again.

With the busyness of work and children, it’s easy to put your marriage health on the back-burner.   It may not be an intentional thing, but it’s neglectful. With the amount of temptation that exists around us, it’s important to really focus on your marriage. Here are 10 things you can  in your marriage to help keep the spark alive.

  1. They Hug it Out: When you get home from a long day at work, try pulling your spouse in for a long hug. It helps relieve the tensions and stresses from your day, and it helps put you at ease.  Do this even when you’re upset or you’ve had an argument. It’s great for your relationship, and it can help turn a bad day into a good day.
  2. They Listen: It’s no secret that men feel compelled to be a problem solver. When they hear about a problem, they want to immediately come up with a suggestion or a solution to it. It’s important for a man to understand that sometimes when a woman vents, she just wants you to listen. She won’t necessarily be looking for an answer, but maybe she is seeking support to help her figure out the answer by herself.
  3. They Give Each Other Space: It’s important that you allow your spouse to have “them” time just as much as it’s important for you to have “you” time. Whether his time consists of playing video games or catching the game and a few beers with some buddies, it’ll help them to feel fulfilled because they were able to participate in their activities. When you’re both able to have that space, it’ll allow you both to focus more on spending time with each other and your children when that time comes.
  4. They Do Things for Each other Without Keeping Score: Love is oftentimes expressed through small gestures and kindness towards each other. These small gestures such as cleaning up after dinner or bathing the children so your spouse can relax for a few minutes speaks volumes in a marriage. Don’t keep score.
  5. They Get Goofy Together: Don’t ever take life too seriously. Take time to have crazy conversations about outlandish things. Get into tickling wars or wrestle until there is a crowned champion. Whatever it may be, have fun in your marriage. There is enough serious business happening in our lives.
  6. They Adult Together: Though being silly is important to keep the marriage fun and lightweight, it’s also important that when life happens and important decisions are to be made, that they can make a decision  after they’ve worked through it together.
  7. They Make it A Point to Check in Throughout the Day: Even if the day is busy, it’s important to reach out to your spouse at some point. A simple text saying “I love you” or “I hope you’re having a good day” is a great way to show your spouse that you’re thinking of them throughout the day.
  8. They have Open Communication: They’re able to talk about anything with their spouse. They are able to confide in their spouse without feeling bothersome to them. Always keep the line of communication open. Be there for your spouse when they need to talk and always ask your spouse about their day.
  9. They Cuddle: Always always always make time to cuddle. Similar to cuddling can help release tensions and stresses that are related to our every day routines. Cuddle when you lay down for bed or set your alarm to wake up a few minutes early to make time to cuddle before getting up and starting your day.
  10. They Take Time to Slow Down and Remind Each Other that Love and Staying in Love is a Choice: Make it a point to slow down and make time for a date night. During this time, remind each other why you fell in love in the first place. Reminisce and bring up fond memories of your time together. Flip through old photo albums, tell your spouse some of the reasons you love them and love being with them. One of the most challenging parts of this suggestions is that most couples don’t make the time to do this. Make. The. Time. Period.


As I mentioned, marriage takes work, but if you make the conscience decision to make your spouse feel loved and appreciated, being happy in your marriage should follow. By incorporating these things into your daily routine, you’ll start rekindling that spark you once had. I’m not saying that you’ve lost spark or that it has to be gone in order to do these things, but it doesn’t hurt to remind your spouse how much you love, care and appreciate them daily. 

Photo Credit: Pavel Badrtdinov, Anneliese Phillips

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