DIY: Paw Patrol Birthday Party


[Sign compliments of Etsy]

For my son’s second birthday, it was a no-brainer that the theme for his party would be Paw Patrol. He is literally obsessed with the popular Nickelodeon cartoon to the extent that we have to record the new episodes only to watch them later in the day.

It’s honestly a really great educational show, and he has learned a lot from watching it.

When I set out to plan his party, I wanted it to be as creative as possible. The food was themed after it and the decorations were matched. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

First and foremost, the cake! My amazing sister-in-law made his cake, and it was everything I had hoped for and so much more!

IMG_7616 IMG_7618

Not only did it look amazing, but it tasted amazing as well.

My sister-in-law also made cupcakes which I complicated with a cardboard fire hydrant. I added Paw Patrol cupcake toppers-sorry I didn’t snap the picture with those on top!


All of the dishes and snacks I provided for his birthday party were somehow related to Paw Patrol and the characters that star in it.

IMG_7608 IMG_7607 IMG_7606Some of the items weren’t pictured unfortunately, but check out the menu to get the idea. The dog dishes I picked up at Target, so no worries-they were never used.

I forgot to take pictures of the decorations also, but I found some of the ones I used on Amazon, so here are a few pictures of them.

41Cu23sa36L 61HgFfVQFHL._UX522_ 71AN2XNuQwL._SL1500_

All in all, I think the decorations and food that was themed after Paw Patrol was a success. I received a lot of compliments, and frankly, I had fun planning my son’s 2nd Birthday party!

Some of my inspiration I found on Pinterest. You can follow me here to find more ideas!

I’d love to here what birthday parties you planned! Share with me below in the comment box!


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