10 Things to do with your Siblings on National Siblings Day!

I am fortunate to have many siblings, two biological sisters, a step-sister and a slew of brother and sister-in-laws. Each of them are special in their own way, and I’m fortunate to have each and every one of them in my life. In fact, I’d much rather be hanging with them this chilly Sunday, but I’m hanging at home with a sick toddler as I try to fight off whatever he so generously passed on to me. That said, I’ll live vicariously through you today as I have 10 suggestions that you might find fun to do with your siblings today!

  1. Grab a movie from your childhood and sit down and watch it for old times sack. I suggest the Goonies-which is a go-to-favorite for sisters and I.
  2. Go out for a walk, hike or run together. Even with it being a bit on the chilly side, you won’t regret getting in some exercise especially because you’ll have one of your siblings along for the ride.
  3. Go for a car ride without a GPS. Point your car in a direction and just drive. Maybe stop at an old restaurant or coffee shop along the way or maybe you’ll be fortunate to find a little town with cute little shops.
  4. Go through some a box of some old photos and see if you recall the exact moment the photo was taken. Taking a walk down memory lane can be fun!
  5. Spend the afternoon scrap-booking or working on a DIY project. Compile all your arts and crafts, maybe grab a bottle of wine, and get creative!
  6. Go through each other’s closets and swap clothes just like you did when you were younger, but with permission.
  7. Plan a sleepover, eat junk food, watch your favorite movies and catch up on life.
  8. Plan an evening where you all get together at someone’s house and cook! Everyone can bring their favorite dish and a bottle of wine and spend some much needed time together over food!
  9. Catch a movie that just hit theaters. Don’t forget to grab some candy and popcorn too!
  10. Go visit one of your favorite towns. My sisters and I usually venture to South Haven or Saugatuck.

Hope you’re able to fit in at least one of these yet today. If not, plan some time for next weekend to really show your siblings how much you appreciate them!

Here are my siblings:


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