Are You Shamelessly Obsessed With Your Kid?

It’s only natural when you become a parent, that your priorities change and that your little one now becomes the center of your universe. It’s clear to tell that when every aspect of your life continues to revolve around your child, there is a good change you’re obsessed with them. When you are obsessed with your child, you might see that you have a harder time having non-parent friends because your conversations are polar-opposite or you might notice that you’re losing friends and followers on your social media accounts because they might be sick and tired of seeing pictures or videos of your child every 5 seconds.

Here are some sure signs that your proud momma status has shifted to become a slightly obsessed parent who needs to tone it down a bit.

  • Since your social media feeds are nearly entirely dedicated to photos of your kids, you start losing followers. #Showusthefoodpics


  • People have straight up told you that you spend way too much time talking about your kids, and they don’t sugar coat it either when delivering the news
  • You truly feel that your kid is the greatest human being that has ever graced Earth
  • Your selfies are no longer selfies of just you-your child is in them all


  • You yell at your spouse about saving money and watching spending, yet when it comes to your kids, the concept of money-conscious no longer exists.
  • Your hobbies now include cheering for your child at multiple events-loud and proud!
  • Everything your child does is 100% worthy of a status update


  • Your child is always the best dressed, and you have a hard time recalling when you last went shopping for yourself. #hellorippedjeans
  • If you went anywhere without your little one, people would question if you and your child were ok
  • You have so many videos of your child on your phone that you could basically have ‘movie night’ stemming from your phone


  • Every conversation can somehow be linked back to “when that happened to my child..”
  • You assume everyone wants to FaceTime and/or Skype with your little one #theydont
  • People question if you still have pets, because the only pictures or statuses they see now involves your child
  • You think you have control over your child and can say “no” but then they give you that face..#surebabyyoucanhavethatpony
  • Nobody, maybe with the only exception being daddy, can do anything as well as you when it comes to caring for your kids and parenting in general
  • Your non-parents friend no longer invite you out because they know you’ll say no anyways
  • Your clothes are often stained, dirty or so old they look like rags, yet your child has the perfect outfit for every damn occassion


  • When plans fall through, you get super pumped up because it means you have more time to hang out with your little one #pawpatrolrerunsfordays
  • You engaged in “deep” conversations with your little one as though you both understand each other
  • You don’t mind when plans fall through because it means more time to hang out with your kiddo.


  • Baby talk is no longer just for your baby when you find yourself telling your spouse “night night” before bedtime #happenedlastnight
  • Whenever you child sees a camera or phone, they automatically smile and say “cheese”


Even if you are slightly obsessed with your child, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It is YOUR child, so being obsessed is natural. Maybe just work on toning it down a bit.

ps. I’m totally obsessed with my child. #shamelesslyobsessedwithmyson

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