15 Reasons why you should give Cancers a Chance

Cancers, Crabs of the Zodiac, are those individuals who are born between June 22nd and July 22nd. Cancers are known for consistently matching their astrological sign descriptions.

Cancers have always had a very unfair reputation of being extremely moody and difficult to be with. Contrarily to popular belief, Cancer’s emotional nature can make them one of the most supportive partners you’ve every had. Take it from me, I’m a Cancer.

Here are 15 reasons to give Cancers a Chance:

1. Cancers are Intuitive and Sensitive. They are are known for being very intuitive and sensitive to the motivations and intentions of others. Because of this, they won’t put up with games. If you’re looking for someone serious about settling down, a Cancer may be your best option.

2. Cancers value family. Not only do they value their family, they also enjoy the comfort of their family, their traditions and being home with family. This may be the perfect person to bring home to mom. They won’t try and keep you from your family or make you choose between them or your family.

3. Cancers are Emotional. Cancers are known for being more emotional, but don’t let this fact deter you from being with them. They will tell you how they’re feeling and why as long as they feel safe with you enough to open up and be vulnerable with you.

4. Cancers are fiercely protective of their loves ones. Because of this, you will never have to wonder if they will be there for you when you need them. They will do whatever it takes to make you feel safe.

5. Cancers can easily sympathize and empathize with others. They are understanding and oftentimes more accepting of others. They aren’t as quick to judge others.

6. Cancers are natural nurturers. Cancers will make you feel good about yourself and will thrive while doing so. Cancers love to be needed by others.

7. Cancers are dependable. You will always be able to count on them when you need them.

8. Cancers are physically affectionate. They love to hug, kiss, cuddle and really do anything that involves touching skin. Typically Cancer’s love language is affection.

9. Cancers are Loyal and Honest. Cancers live and breath loyalty and honesty. They’ll tell you what’s on their mind, and it’s honest communication. You might not always like what they have to say, but you can always count on them to be honest. They are loyal to a fault, and will always work on the relationship.

10. Cancers take things Slow. Cancers are known for being cautious about romantic relationships and they tend to take things slow. This isn’t a bad thing. This only means that when they open up, they genuinely enjoy your company. They take declarations of love very seriously, so your actions will speak more than words.

11. Cancers are Independent. Cancers very independent, which can be intimating to some, but it also means that they’re “go-getters” and won’t relay on you for everything. They will, however, seek emotional support and encouragement from you or others from time to time.

12. Cancers are Helpers. They will go above and beyond to help others. If you’re ever in a bind, you’ll be able to depend on a Cancer to help you out.

13. Cancers are Lovers. It’s said that no other astrological sign has a greater capacity for unconditional love. Cancers love to a fault at times, but they will express their love in many different ways.

14. Cancers are free-spirited. Cancers do not like to be told what to do. It’s not that they hate authority, but they are dreamers and march to beat of their own drum. Cancers truly embrace being different.

15. Cancers are Peace-Keepers. Cancers typically are great at being unbiased in certain situations. They hate confrontation and see the good in everyone. They are capable of seeing multiple sides of every situation, and will try to diffuse the situation instead of stirring the pot.


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