Art Prize 2016

Sunday, my sister, Braxton and I had the opportunity to visit Art Prize in Grand Rapids. The day started out rainy and a bit cold, but it cleared up and warmed up. We got there nice and early to help beat the crowds, and I’m glad we did, too, because it got packed real quick.

One of the first exhibits we saw was Invasive Species, and it was beautiful!


Next, we ventured over to the Grand Rapids Public Museum. Braxton was fond of the super enormous scissors and Ellie the Elephant.



We toured around the River and saw some other cool exhibits. We loved the tunnel around the river and it had awesome graffiti.


We ventured around Grand Rapids for hours checking out the creative gifts and talents of local and non-local artists.


Braxton was intrigued by what he saw, and despite not having a nap, he was great!

One of my favorite series of paintings depicted were these beauties (pictured below)..if these don’t speak volumes, I don’t know what else does!

Here are a few others..

Let us not forget this gem. The elderly man who built this bridge was so pleasant to speak with and he was passionate about trains. Braxton is obsessed with trains, so he could have watched that train for days. The bridge took two years to build, and the train is a miniature replica of the same train in The Polar Express. How cool!


We had a great day at Art Prize. It was nice spending time with my sister and my son while checking out some fantastic art. Art Prize is going on for another week, so check it out!


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