Easter Basket Essentials for a Toddler

Since it’s my son’s last Easter as an only child, I found myself wanting to do a bit more for him for Easter. We plan on attending Easter church service and spending time with family as well as participating in some of the fun activities typically associated with Easter like Easter baskets, an Easter egg hunt and coloring Easter eggs.

I thought I’d give you a look inside my son’s Easter basket this year. I always try to include either a movie or book, an activity or something else fun along with candy and goldfish.

I got all my Easter goodies at Meijer and Target. I absolutely love the $1-$5 dollar section at Target!

At Meijer, I snagged the Easter Grass, the TMNT Easter bucket, Nickelodeon Egg Hunt kit, Lego City, jolly rancher jelly bean tube, starburst crazy beans, TMNT water bottle and jelly belly bubbles.

At Target, I grabbed the Garden tools which includes the gloves, tin watering can and 3 piece garden tool set, jar full of dino figurines, Super Shredder TMNT DVD, Goldfish, Cadbury mini eggs, carrot shaped Reeses Pieces, TMNT tattoos and the Reeses Peanut Butter egg.

The Ninja Turtle Easter Egg bucket is perfect, because Braxton loves Ninja Turtles!



garden set

And last but not least, the eggs for the Easter egg hunt!

easter eggs

Here is the finished project!

b easter basket

Some parents might think I went a little overboard, but when you struggle to have children you tend to spoil a bit more for the children you do have.

I hope everyone has a great Easter, and let us all truly remember why we celebrate Easter.

What’s inside your child(ren)’s Easter Basket?



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