20 Signs You’ve Found “The One”

Is there truly a foolproof test to know whether you’ve met “the one” or not? No unfortunately there isn’t, but if you view the below list of signs and find yourself comfortably agreeing with them, then there is a really special connection between yourself and the individual you’re seeing.


They Like You for You

If your significant other loves you for who you are, then you’ve probably met the one. If they take pride and admire you for who you are without trying to change you, you’ve got yourself a keeper. The less you have to work at impressing your significant other, the better, because relationships are hard enough. Why try to be someone that you’re not? Furthermore, why be with someone that you’re unable to be yourself around?

Similar Life Priorities

Although opposites might attract, it doesn’t always mean that the relationship will last. You must be compatible because it creates a lasting and deep connection that is hard to break. If you sit down and discuss building a future together, have similar life and career goals and your insight is comparable to your significant other, then you’re good to move forward.  If they’re less than excited about settling down and likes to party, then it might not be the best fit. You might find yourself settling rather than pursuing your goals.

Deep Respect for Each Other

Without mutual respect there is simply no way to create and build a solid foundation. When there is mutual respect, the relationship has a strong chance to thrive, communication will strengthen and your connection with prosper. Commitment to each other will deepen and the trust and respect only grows more and more.

You Can Tease Each Other

If you’re constantly walking on eggshells because you’re concerned with offending your significant other, then they’re probably not the one for you. If you can laugh and pick fun at each other in ways others can’t , then your relationship is sure to be less stressful, more carefree and fun. When you’re comfortable to let loose around each other, you’ve found the one.

Time Apart is Okay

If you feel that you are unable to pursue friendships and goals outside of the relationship, you’ll want to double think your relationship. You shouldn’t feel compelled to sustain one another all of the time, and it’s important to understand that time apart is completely normal and healthy for a relationship to prosper and thrive.

You Like Seeing them Thrive

If you’re in a healthy relationship and one that is sure to last, you are happy seeing your significant other thrive. You are happy for their successes and support their dreams and aspirations. If you get jealous of their successes, then you don’t adequately support them.

Effort into Looking Better

When you have found “the one” you make tiny, unconscious efforts to looking better when you know you’re going to be seeing them. Obviously looks shouldn’t be a huge crutch in the relationship, but attraction is important and the gestures of wanting to look great for your significant other is healthy. It doesn’t have to be a daily thing or extravagant, but the little efforts go a long way.

You Consult in Them

You find yourself wanting to consult with your significant other when it comes to making a relatively large decision. When you consult with them about your career, a move or your future, it’s clear that you truly respect and value their opinion. If you find that you’re not consulting with them and you don’t feel bad about that, then you haven’t found “the one”.

You Take it Slow

Your significant other isn’t rushing you into anything. You’re able to take the relationship at your own pace without pressure. You’re living in the relationship now, and you both understand that you don’t need to take the next steps forward unless you’re both ready to do so.

You Find Yourself Doing the “Quintessential In Love Things”

Holidays seem that more magical. You find yourself relating to love lyrics. You look forward to seeing them and spending time with them. You find yourself reaching for their hand to hold. You engage in a bit more PDA (possibly), and although all of those things seem small, they’re so incredibly important when it comes to finding “the one”.


Communication is Important

If you both agree that communication is the key to a successful relationship, you’re already ahead of the game. When you take the time to listen to each other and communicated openly, you’re well on your way to making the relationship work. If you find that communication is very one-sided and that your significant other lacks in listening skills, it’s probably best to accept the fact that they’re not “the one”. It’s also important that you both understand the importance of not going to bed angry and discussing your arguments with intentions to resolve them. When you find yourself saying hurtful things, you immediately regret them and wish you could take them back. That’s when you know that you’ve found “the one”.

You Genuinely Miss them When You’re Apart

If you find yourself missing them when you’re apart, you have probably found “the one”. When opposite schedules, work trips or other things keep you apart, you should both be looking for ways to see each other. If this is a joint effort, you two are good to go.

Good News or Bad, You Reach Out to Them

When you lose a family member, nail a job interview or just want to share something with the, you find yourself wanting to share it with them above others, you know you’ve found “the one”. When you want them around when you’re upset or when you’re happy and everything in between, your relationship is thriving. They’re there for you and are there to help you through it all.

Honesty is A Must

You should always be able to be honest with each other. If your significant other can be honest with you with little or no judgement, then you’ve found “the one”.

No Boundaries in the Relationship

If you can’t fart around your significant other, then they’re not “the one”. You should be able to let loose around each other with no judgement passed.

You Weren’t Looking, but Found Them Anyway

Sometimes the best relationships are the ones discovered when you least expect it. When you’re not seeking to find someone and rather effortlessly met someone who you can’t see yourself without, you’ve found “the one”

You Consider them Your Best Friend

You’ve found “the one” when you not only consider them your lover, but they’re also you’re best friend.

You Defend Them and Don’t Down them to Others

You find someone criticizing your significant other and rather than sit back and let them do it, you defend them. You don’t engage in speaking negatively to them to others, and rather than discussing your issues with others you find yourself wanting to work through the issues with them only.

You Wouldn’t Be Who You Are Without Them

When you understand that you wouldn’t be the same without them and you realize your life has changed in positive ways, you’ve definitely found “the one”! You’re significant other loves you for who you are, your outlook on life shifts, emotions and feelings towards them are unlike you’ve ever experienced and the thought of being without them literally pains you, you know you’ve found “the one”

You Just Know

You’ve heard others say “they just knew” when asked about when they knew that they had found “the one”. You start realizing that life without them wouldn’t be as much fun or full of love. You can’t see yourself with anyone else and the thought of them not being around is depressing. You just know that they’re the one, and although you might not have it all figured out, you’re willing to make sacrifices to make it work.


As you find yourself navigating through your new relationship, and you’re trying to determine whether or not they are “the one’, take a look at the above list. If you’re able to comfortably check off each of the above items, then you own it to yourself to allow the relationship to become all that it’s supposed to become.







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