50 Things to Put into Easter Eggs Besides Candy

Easter Eggs have always been a huge part of Easter. Kids everywhere look forward to competitively hunting the eggs down and retrieving their goodies within. As a parent to a young son, he has always been able to grab a few but is quickly left in the dust by the older kids, so we’ve resorted to doing Easter Egg Hunts at home with family verses going to larger hunts. One of the problems I always found perplexing about Easter Egg Hunts is that, for the most part, the eggs  are filled with candy, and I think the amount of candy retrieved equals to the amount of candy he has brought home on Halloween. Sometimes it’s more! This year, we’re changing it up a bit. There is absolutely no need to stuff the eggs strictly with candy. There are a ton of other things you can put into the eggs. Here are 50 ideas for boys and girls that don’t include candy!


  1. Money
  2. Mini figurines (army men, dinosaurs, etc)
  3. Alphabet letters (magnets)
  4. Little erasers
  5. Silly bandz
  6. Mini stamps
  7. Finger puppets
  8. Sticky Hands
  9. Putty
  10. Temporary tattoos
  11. Mini nail polish
  12. Friendship bracelets
  13. Hot wheels
  14. Mini play-dough
  15. Play foam
  16. Plastic spiders or other insects
  17. Socks
  18. Mini bubbles
  19. Inflatable beach balls
  20. Plastic rings
  21. Earrings (stick on or real)
  22. Glow bracelets
  23. Pencil toppers
  24. Stickers
  25. Marbles
  26. Seeds (for planting)
  27. Hair ties/bows/clips
  28. Arcade coins or tickets
  29. Crayons
  30. Chapstick
  31. LEGOs
  32. Raisins
  33. Gold Fish
  34. Fruit Snacks
  35. Balloons
  36. Mini Puzzle Pieces
  37. Gumballs
  38. Magic towels (the ones that expand in water)
  39. Band-aids with cool designs
  40. Whistles
  41. Small key chains
  42. Bouncy Balls
  43. Barbie accessories
  44. Glitter glue
  45. Pokemon, baseball cards, etc
  46. Mini yo-yo
  47. Mini Slinky
  48. Parachute toy
  49. Seashells
  50. Jokes



There are so many alternatives to candy when thinking of items to place in Easter Eggs for your annual family Easter Egg hunt. Sure, putting candy in a few is perfectly fine, but try mixing it up.  Meijer and Hobby Lobby has sections within their stores that carry many of the items above in bulk. Check it out! Your kids will appreciate the change-up also! Happy Hunting!

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