10 Tips to Stay Madly In Love with Your Spouse

The truth is, I’m madly in love with my spouse. He’s the man I chose to “do” life with, through sickness and in health. We have our share of disagreements and we drive each other mad sometimes, but at the end of the day, we have navigated through this life through 6 years of marriage, 9 years of dating, 1 child and another one the way, multiple career changes and a few moves. It’s been hairy at times, but through it all, we are stronger than in the beginning.



Love is a choice, not just a feeling, and it’s up to us to team up, partner up, parent together and navigate through life no matter what is thrown our way.

So, how have we been able to get through all of the ups and downs and remain so in love? Here are 10 tips or suggestions on staying madly in love with your spouse.

  1. Show Gratitude:  Thank each other daily for the individual tasks and duties being done by each other.
  2. Encourage One Another: Be each others biggest fans. Motivate and encourage each other daily!
  3. Don’t Compete: Don’t try to one and up each other. Parenting is not a competition, and it’s pointless to compare whose day was harder.
  4. Accept your Body: Don’t beat up your body in front of your spouse. My husband thoroughly dislikes when I criticize my body because he loves my body regardless of the season (pregnancy or non-pregnancy). He did marry me when I was almost 20 pounds heavier. 🙂
  5. Men, tell your Wife she’s Beautiful: This small gesture truly does go a long way. Compliment her mind and body.
  6. Be Affectionate: Make sure to start each and every day with a hug and kiss. The affection will be appreciated after a long day, and it may lead to even more affection!
  7. Make Time for one Another: Life is busy especially when you add kids into the mix. Try and secure a day each week where you can devote time for each other without kids. If once a week is too difficult, aim for twice a month.  This will allow you to reconnect on a relationship level.
  8. Be Patient with Each Other: We’re humans and we all make mistakes. Instead of being impatient with your spouse, grow and learn together.
  9. Protect your Marriage: There will always be outside influences who might threaten your marriage, but it’s important to actively protect your marriage and your spouse from such attacks.
  10. Respect Each Other: One of the most important things you can do in your relationship is to respect each other. Without respect, you’re left with very little.


This is merely a benchmark to strive for in marriage, and although my husband and I don’t have them all down yet, we are certainly working towards it. When you’re constantly putting effort towards enriching, growing and enhancing your marriage, your children, your spouse and yourself will greatly benefit from it.


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