31 Things to do this Year

I recently celebrated my 31st birthday, and it was truly an incredible year!  I’m looking forward to this next year, so much so that I have compiled a list of things I want to do! 31 things to be exact!  When I was putting together my list of things I wanted to accomplish within the next year, I took into consideration my family. I already have a a three year old son and we’ll be welcoming our second son in a few weeks, so I wanted to be able to do some things with them as well as with my husband.  That said, here is my list of 31 things I’d like to achieve this year!

  1. Best shape of my life-competition
  2. Watch top 10 movies of all time
  3. Sleep under the stars
  4. Brew my own beer
  5. Go to the Opera
  6. Go Camping
  7. Go to a drive-in movie theater
  8. Ride a horse
  9. Travel by a train
  10. Experience a Christmas tree lighting
  11. Make hot cocoa from scratch
  12. Join Oprah’s book club
  13. Add 5 new clients to BMM
  14. Visit Pictured Rocks
  15. Save $10k
  16. Make bread with my bare hands
  17. Become a couponer
  18. Write down fears-tackle them all
  19. Run ½ marathon
  20. Learn to forgive and let go-practice this daily
  21. Take a picture every day-I’m a few days behind! 🙂
  22. Meditate
  23. Ride in a hot air balloon
  24. Read top 5 novels of all time
  25. Shoot a gun
  26. See the Northern Lights
  27. Bake a pie from scratch
  28. Publish another novel
  29. Publish a second children’s book
  30. Find a mentor
  31. Do something outside my comfort zone

Have you created a list of things you’d like to do this year?

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