Things People Do at The Gym that are Annoying

I go to the gym 3-5 times a week, and sometimes I go just to people watch. I’m kidding. I go there to workout but the people watching certainly keeps my workout interesting. It’s like the people of Walmart except in the gym. When I go to the gym, I go there to work out but there are others that have alternative motives. Here are a few things that people do at the gym that I find annoying. I’m sure you can agree on some of them.

  1. You wear Inappropriate and/or stupid clothes: Ladies and Men, the gym is NOT a place to show off assets. By that I mean of course, showing a ton of skin that really isn’t necessary. I’ve seen a few Richard Simmons at my gym, and girls that look like they should be working out on a pole rather than belong in a gym. Admit it, we’ve all seen them. Don’t be an ass. Dress like you’re there to work out rather than draw attention to yourself.
  2. You grunt or make weird noises: I never understood the reason why people have to make un-Godly annoying noises when lifting. Why do some people grunt? Does it really give them that little extra push? C’mon, stop with the weird noises. No one is impressed with your workouts.
  3. You go there and get a social workout: I hate when people go to the gym just to have a conversation rather than workout. Hey guess what guys!?! There is a Starbucks within walking distance from the gym. Don’t be that annoying person. Get your workout on.
  4. You text while sitting on a machine: These people deserve a nice slap to the top of the head. C’mon, some people want that VERY machine that you’re so impolitely hogging due to you’re inability to disconnect from your phone. This happens all the time, and it goes without saying that if I see you doing this, I won’t be shy about reminding you what you’re at the gym to do.
  5. You take way too long at the water fountain: Whether you’re catching your breath or filling up your GALLON of water, hurry it up. Others need to hydrate. Also, if you’re one of those “talkers” who catch up around the water fountain, please be courteous and MOVE.
  6. You try to mimic a workout you found on Pinterest or saw in a workout video but fail miserably: I really don’t want to help you when you pull a muscle or fall flat on your face because you don’t know how to workout properly. You’re inability to follow an exercise routine oculd result in you hurting those around you as well as yourself. Maybe try to mimic those workouts at home before testing them in the gym.
  7. You’re super weird about changing in the locker room: TRUST ME. No one is there to catch a glimpse of your naked body. We’re all there (well most of us) to change and hit the gym, not stare at you changing. If you’re gonna be weird, go change in the shower or bathroom stall. You’re making it weird for the rest of us.
  8. You sing or dance loudly to the beat of your own music: If it’s a great tune, I guess I’ll support your singing skills, but if it’s not and you’re a terrible singer, don’t be surprised if myself and/or others politely ask you to stick to your workouts rather than busting out that “sick beat”.
  9. You stare/stalk or try to pick up someone: The gym is NOT a bar. If you’re going to be a creeper and stare at people working out, just leave. You’re clearly there for alternative motives, and the rest of us do not care to participate. I don’t want to have to wear my wedding ring because I have to worry about that one tool who things picking up ladies at the gym in the “thing to do.” Get a clue.
  10. You lift more weight than you can clearly handle:Although I agree that pushing your limits is an important part of working out, this should be done while maintaining proper form and building your way up to a certain weight. If you’re trying to squat but not conducting proper form or going down as far as you’re supposed to, you’re wasting your energy doing the workout wrong. No one is impressed with your improper form and/or inability to lift the weight you/re trying to do.
  11. You’re kissing and/or flirting: Must I remind you that the reason you’re at the gym is to workout, not flirt, kiss, make-out, etc.? There is a place and time to express you’re feelings, but it’s not at the gym.
  12. You constantly take Selfies: You’re thinking you look pretty fly in your gym outfit or your arms are looking buff, so what do you do? Take a selfie and post it with an obvious comment like, “At the gym” or “Look at my biceps”. Again, that mirror that you use to help take a selfie is there so people who are indeed working out can ensure that they have the best form while conducting a workout.

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