20 Things You Actually Need in Your Hospital Bag

As a momma to one (and another one the way) it’s no surprise that when I was preparing my hospital bag for our first, I did a lot of research and asked a lot of questions from those who had previously given birth. So, what do you pack in a hospital bag? There are wants and needs, but there are also necessities-items you will most certainly need and use during your hospital stay.

Here are some things the hospital provides during your hospital stay. Confirm with your hospital just in case.

  • Mesh underwear– They’re pretty fantastic, considering, so snag a few if you can before you leave.
  • Diapers and wipes– There will be some in your hospital room, but it’s important to pack your own as well.
  • Ice Pack Pads– Your lady parts will be sore, and these bad boys will help soothe them.
  • Spray Bottle– This was a must have for me when I went to the restroom following giving birth. The water helped to dilate the urine and provided some relief from burning.
  • Pacifier: My son LOVED the hospital pacifier, but you might want to bring an extra just in case.

Here are 16 things you’ll want to bring in your hospital bag:

  • Breast Pump– You might not need this right away as a woman’s milk supply can come in at different times, but bring it just in case.
  • Socks– My hospital room was cold, so I was happy to have packed some socks.
  • Phone charger– This is important especially if you plan on keeping your family and friends updated and plan on taking pictures.
  • Loose/Comfy Pants– Make sure you have some comfy pants to wear during your hospital stay. You’ll want to wear some pants with an elastic band that aren’t super tight around your mid section.
  • Nursing/Comfy Shirts & bras– You’re going to be laying/sitting quite a bit, so make sure you have some comfy shirts packed. Having ones that are convenient for nursing are a bonus.
  • Underwear– Grab yourself a few comfy pairs of underwear. Bring some that you’re able to wear a pantyliner with. Grab those pantyliner also! Make sure they’re not super tight, either.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste– Keep those teeth clean!
  • Clothes for Your Spouse– If your spouse is planning on spending the few days with you in the hospital, make sure to grab him some clothes including pants, shirts, boxers/briefs, PJ’s and socks. My husband did go home the second night to care for our pups and shower, so we only needed a few clothing items for him.
  • Blanket and Clothes for your Newborn– The hospital will provide a sleeper for your baby, but bring some newborn clothes, blanket and some socks for your new addition.
  • Glasses/Contacts– If you wear contacts and/or glasses, make sure you bring them both along with their storage containers and cleaning supplies.
  • Pre-Installed Car Seat– Make sure your car seat has been safely secured BEFORE going to the hospital to make sure it’s in correctly.
  • Reading Material– Like I mentioned earlier, you’ll be sitting/lying during most of your visit, so bring a good book or a few magazines for you and your spouse.
  • Healthy Snacks– You’ll get meals during your stay, but bring some snacks to enjoy for you and your spouse!
  • Boppy– I was so happy I brought our boppy. It made lounging and nursing way more comfortable and convenient.
  • Pantyliner’s– Trust me, just bring some.
  • Deodorant- You don’t want to smell, do you?

Here are some optional items to consider:

  • Make-up– I brought make-up, but some people prefer not to. It’s your choice.
  • Hair Dryer/Brush– These are not provided in your hospital room, so if you want your hair looking nice, consider bringing these items.
  • Bathrobe– Depending on the time of year, you might want to consider bringing your bathrobe. My first son was born in March-the night of a snowstorm- so having one was perfect, but our next son is due in September, so I doubt I’ll bring it this time around.
  • Camera– You can certainly use your smart phone for taking photos, but you might want to consider bringing your main camera as well.


Have your bags packed a few weeks prior to your due date. Our son was over two weeks early, so we were glad to have had our bags packed and ready to go!

Have you given birth before? What did you have in your hospital bag?

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