Movement or Am I going Crazy?!

I suppose I could be wrong, but I’m pretty adamant that I felt baby Jones move last night. As I was laying in bed, I kept feeling weird “sensations” down where the baby is laying. Upon placing my hand in that spot, I started feeling movement. It wasn’t outright kicking and arms flailing kind of movement, but it was certainly something. The past few nights I have been falling asleep to either Baby Lullaby’s or Classical music, so maybe the baby enjoys this kind of music, because there has been more movement or “sensations”.

I had a friend share an article with me recently about the affects that music, specifically lullaby’s, have on a baby months after its birth. Here is a small synopsis of the article: “Babies who had a lullaby played to them regularly while still in the womb recognized the song months after birth, a study has found” (Kim, Meeri. Fort Wayne, IN. Nov. 3, 2013). How cool is that? In accordance with the article, though it may still be too early, I’ve been listening to Pandora channels of Lullaby’s or Classical music. Who knows, maybe our child will remember these months after their birth. There is only one way to test this theory! 🙂

To read more on the article, see the link here:

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