Eric Thomas, Motivational Speaker

If you change your perspective, you will change your life!”- Eric Thomas

On the 12th of February, I had the pleasure of hearing Eric Thomas speak. I was blown away. Not only did this guy go through hell and back, he was real and down-to-Earth. He dropped out of high school, lived on the street and had nothing. It wasn’t until he had his first child, that he realized that he needed to change his current situation. He completed his GED, received his BA and MBA and most recently received his Ph.D. Graduating college and receiving multiple degrees wasn’t in the cards. It hadn’t been for his father or grandfather, yet he changed his circumstances. He changed his perspective and thus changed his life. He asks us the question, “What do you want?” Write it down. Make sure that you know what you want. Own. Don’t be average, be phenomenal. Then he asks us “What are you willing to pay to be phenomenal?” Eric goes to sleep between 9-9:30pm every night and wakes up around 3am every single day. He does this in order to get more things done each day. He starts his day by praying and meditating, followed by a workout and chores. His wife has MS so he helps out a lot around the house and ensures everyone is ready to go for the day. He typically does lunch with his wife most days and then work. He makes his family his priority. This is a man who had nothing, and now has everything. He has options. He has options because he has worked hard to build his empire and to be a provider.  He says that to be successful, you must not be average, go 120% every day, don’t chat with co-workers, get your work done. Make yourself irreplaceable. Be so good at your job that your boss would fight for you if you were to ever try and leave. “Don’t let anyone out-work YOU!” Work hard. Focus on today, and quiet the noise. Visualize your day every day. Break the Cycle.

Eric was so inspiring. He is clearly a millionaire, but he is also very much down to Earth. He is a good leader,  and it was also clear to me that he is a good husband and a great father. Cannot wait to see him again and see how many lives he continues to change.

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