A Mother’s Day Letter to those Women Suffering from Infertility


To those women who find themselves without children this Mother’s Day, I want you to know that I understand.

I’ve been there. I’m here to tell you that it’ll be hard, but you will survive. We struggled for two years before we finally conceived our son. During that time, I fought to stay positive every month when Aunt Flo decided she wanted to pay a visit because I knew what that meant. We hadn’t conceived, and another dreadful month went by without the hope of becoming a mother.

I won’t sit here and say that those weren’t terrible times, because they were. But, I survived. Each day was different. Some days I was fine, while others I struggled to comprehend why we had such a hard time conceiving. I envied my friends who got pregnant so easily. I resented them. There were days I questioned my faith and was angry with God because I felt as though he was punishing me. Punishing me for what though?

We were ready to start our family. Why weren’t we being granted this one wish, this hope, this wonderful opportunity to have children?

We were ready.

We learned a lot in the two years we underwent fertility treatment.

We learned that as husband and wife, we had to stay strong together. We both struggled to cope and to accept that we were going to be one of those couples who struggled to start a family. We weren’t happy about it, but there was nothing we could do about it. We had to pull each other close instead of pushing each other away. We were in this together, no matter how tiring or long the journey.

I chose to pray about it. I asked God to make his plan for us clear, because we were struggling to understand his plan for us.

We learned that we were not alone in our infertility battle. There are thousands upon thousands like us struggling to start families. This was some-what comforting for us because we had other people to reach out to that would understand what we were dealing with.

We learned that fertility drugs and tests are not only emotionally draining but physically they take a toll on one’s body.

We learned that there are some amazing doctors who specialize in infertility. The doctors we worked with were amazing. They explained everything and determined what our issues were. They developed an action plan which we started acting on immediately.

Most importantly we learned to not give up no matter how hard the journey was. After two years of testing, fertility drugs and doctors visits we took a few months off from trying. During that time, we conceived. Our doctor, to this day, isn’t quite sure how it happened, but I give some credit to the big man upstairs. Our son, Braxton, is now 14 months.

I’m so fortunate to have been able to become a mother after two years of trying to become a mom. As we begin our journey into expanding our family once more, there is no doubt that it’ll be a journey once again. It’s important for us to remain strong, to pray, to stay strong together and have a little faith.

Mother’s Day is excruciating for those who are struggling with infertility and have yet to conceive. It was for me. It was damn hard. As I get ready to celebrate my second Mother’s Day, I will pray for all of those women out there who share in this infertility battle. I ask the same in return.

Stay strong. Have faith. Beautiful things happen when you least expect it, and I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.

Happy Mother’s Day!

–If there are any mother’s out there who have struggled with infertility who would like to share their journey as a guest blogger, please email me at danielle.seitzjones@gmail.com–

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