DAD (Noun):

Dad (noun): 1. Father, guardian, protector & friend/confidant, listener; 2) mentor, coach, teacher; 3) Tiger, Lion, Red Wings sports fanatic, outdoors lover, taxi, bank, chase around the house 4;) tough on the outside, gentle on the inside 5) absolute best dad a kid could ask for


Yet another year has passed since Braxton made you a father that snow-storm of an evening in March. And yet again, I’m amazed by how easily you have adapted to fatherhood and by how easy you make it look.
I know that being a parent is challenging, but you have handled it with a grace I can never pretend to understand or mimic. There are possibly a million reasons how why you’re such an amazing father but for sake of time, I will cover only a few of those reasons.

  1. QUALITY TIME: You spend as much quality time with Braxton as you can, and it’s evident just how much he loves and appreciates you. When he sees you after work, the smile he shares is enough to melt jacks frosts heart in the dead of winter. I love seeing you interact and teach Braxton new things.
  2. VALUABLE LESSONS: You teach him so many valuable lessons. Some of the most important ones to note are those that lead to safety. You warn him, protect and guard him in a way that allows him to understand (at least as much as a 15 month old can understand).
  3. LOVE HIS MOTHER: You love his mother (me) for who she is and never try to change her to appease you. You’re setting the ground work for when he grows up and enters into a relationship. He will know how to treat and respect his partner.
  4. HARD-WORK: You work hard every day to provide the best for Braxton and I. You work long hours and seven days a week most of the time. You are instilling hard work in him, and that is such a great trait to pass along.
  5. INDEPENDENCE: As Braxton grows into manhood, it’s important that he is able to do things on his own, and you are teaching him to be resourceful, adventurous and fearless. Be letting him learn his independence will help build his character and provide him with real world knowledge so that he can venture down any avenue.
  6. HAVE FUN: You are teaching him to have fun no matter how ridiculous it makes you look. I love seeing you two laugh together, and that big belly laugh from him is the best thing ever!
  7. STAY ACTIVE: You teach him how to stay active by engaging him in outdoor activities daily. Your love for the outdoors have thus far rubbed off on him. You are instilling in him an enjoyment for the outdoors and a passion of staying active.
  8. CONFIDENCE: You encourage him to be confident. By encouraging him to converse and try new things, you are building his self-confidence. Instead of doing everything for him, you are showing him which will lead to him growing into a strong and capable man.


I encourage you not to believe that there are only EIGHT reasons why you’re an amazing dad, because as I previously mentioned there are a million reasons. I absolutely love how you have grown as a father as well as a husband. Braxton adores you and will grow up having an amazing father and friend.

I am so blessed to have you as a husband, and more importantly, Braxton is blessed to be able to call you DAD.

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