It has been said that before the industrial revolution, men would spend much of their day with their son or sons teaching them practical lessons in leadership, protection, and manhood. They would learn such lessons on the family farm or at the family business, but today with all of the extracurricular activities, it’s not as easy to take the time to spend this much needed time together.

With that being said, it’s more important than ever for a father to set time aside time each week to teach his son valuable life lessons pertaining to all aspects of their journey to manhood and beyond. There will always be some lessons that should be taught from a father’s (or father-like figures) perspective.

“A dad is a son’s first Hero” -Author Unknown

Here are 25 things a father should teach his son:

  1. How to throw a punch- don’t bully, but always defend yourself and loved ones
  2. How to throw a ball
  3. Never give women complete power over you
  4. Importance of hard-work
  5. Importance of working out
  6. How to jump-start a car
  7. Tie a tie
  8. How to be a gentlemen- open doors, be polite
  9. Keep your vows/promises
  10. How to ride a bike
  11. Sportsmanship
  12. Honor your father and mother
  13. Own responsibility; admit when you are wrong
  14. Loves and be loyal to your wife
  15. Love God & Pray
  16. Be a leader- not a follower
  17. Respect for elders, law enforcement officials and military members
  18. Take risks-seek adventure and challenges
  19. If she says she is on the pill- pull out or use condoms
  20. Think BIG- the sky is the limit
  21. Firm and proper hand-shake
  22. How to change oil in a car and how to change a tire
  23. How to cook
  24. Travel as often as possible
  25. Don’t take life too seriously- live, have fun, make mistakes, but learn from them.

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