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Many of us are hopeless romantics at heart. While some of us won’t readily admit and take ownership of this fact, others have no problem expressing their need in finding the perfectly romantic man. We have this ideal expectation of what a man should be like in our mind, and though it’s possible our expectations may never be met, we still ,deep down inside, dream about meeting the man that possess all of them (and more).

Men, you can partially thank the “chick flicks” and romantic comedies  for creating these unrealistic expectations of the “perfect” man. Most women get all warm and tingly inside while watching such films and immediately have this desire to have the same thing within their current or future relationship

As a hopeless romantic myself, whose spouse is very much opposite of a romantic, I can honestly say that when my spouse does one of the following things, I get all warm and tingly inside. My love language is physical touch meaning I know that my spouse loves me because of the way he physically touches me. That being said, I’d appreciate it if my spouse did more of the “hopelessly romantic” actions related to physical touch. I’m sure other hopelessly romantic women would agree with me.

Here are 18 Things Hopelessly Romantic Women Wished Men Did More Often:

  1. Kiss us on the forehead
  2. Hug us from behind
  3. Call and say goodnight
  4. Wear suits, then let us borrow your jacket
  5. Open and hold doors for us
  6. Brag about us–in front of us
  7. Hold our hand
  8. PDA!
  9. Leave us love notes
  10. Text us randomly throughout the day
  11. Give us your old sweatshirts/sweatpants
  12. Plan a date night
  13. Chase after us after a fight
  14. Fight for us
  15. Pour your heart out to us; be sensitive
  16. Participate in something with us that we’re passionate about
  17. Cook for us
  18. Use words like ‘beautiful’, ‘stunning’ or ‘exquisite’ when referring to our looks instead of ‘good’ or ‘pretty’.

Men, we don’t expect you to do all of these things, but if you add a few to your daily repertoire, we’d greatly appreciate it. We really aren’t greedy.


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