Annoying things People from Michigan Post on Facebook during the Winter

There is a long list of things people, specifically from Michigan, post about on Facebook during the winter. Some of them are kind of unique and cool while others are simply annoying and repetitive. For instance, here are some of the things posted that are annoying, and ALL of us are guilty of doing at least one of these if not all of them at some point. This includes myself!

1.       Car Temperature Gage or Screen Shots of the Temperature Displayed on their Phone:  When it’s really cold out, Michiganders will post pictures of how cold it is in case no one else had access to a phone or the news that would otherwise inform them of the current temperature. Whether this picture comes from their handy dandy iPhone temperature ap or whether the picture was taken from within their car, it happens all the time. It never fails that on cold mornings (such as today where the temperature is -8) that someone or several individuals will post a picture on Facebook.

2.       Pictures of how DEEP the Snow is:  Again, to help state the obvious, some Michiganders will post pictures of how deep the snow is at their house. Apparently, the news coverage on daily or weekly snow fall totals is not adequate enough to effectively prove just how much snow we have received.

3.       Pictures of Tropical Places: Yes, Michiganders are guilty of doing this. Michiganders quickly become sick of this cold weather and will start posting pictures of tropical places like it’s going to help ease the winter weather pain. I really don’t see how this is effective in their coping with the cold. It just pisses me off.

4.       Winter Selfies: It never fails! Whether a Michigander is out shoveling or just wanting to show someone how cold it is by showing others just how many layers of clothes they have on JUST to stay warm, these pictures circulate around Facebook daily.

5.       Former Michiganders will post Temperature Pictures of Warmer Places: Former Michigan residents who now reside in warmer places, such as Florida or California, will post temperature pictures or selfies of them on the beach or in flip flops JUST to rub it in to all of us dealing with the bitter weather in Michigan. They’ll post little sayings along with the pictures like, “Feeling so bad for those up in Michigan” or “Wishing you were here to enjoy this weather”. You guys know who you are..assholes.

6.       Snow-Angel Pictures: Some crazy Michiganders will post pictures of them doing snow angels in the piles amongst piles of snow we have received. You’re crazy to think I’m doing a snow-angel simply because you posted a picture of yourself doing it. Challenge NOT accepted, crazy ass.

7.       Accident Scenes/News on the Weather: I’m not even sure why people do this. Why post news articles or accident photos on the weather on Facebook? What is your main goal for doing this? Is this a subtle threat to warn us to slow down or is it a reminder that “Oh hey every winter Michigan drivers forget how to drive all over again?” Either way, it’s ineffective. There will still be accidents and news on the CRAZY Michigan weather we’re experiencing.

8.       Posts urging others to stop driving like Assholes:  Again, this piggy-backs off of the last one. No one is going to listen to you rant on about how stupid or crazy Michigan drivers are when driving in Michigan Weather. Like I already mentioned, ALL Michigan drivers have forgotten how to drive since last winter. Crazy right?

9.       Sympathy post for a spouse/loved one traveling in the Michigan Weather: Everyone is guilty of this. Those who have the luxury of working from home or having “adult” snow-days will often write on their Facebook about how his/her spouse should also be home safe and sound. Not everyone gets an “adult” with it.

10.   Snow-Days: Whether you are a student or teacher either bragging or complaining about snow-days, just stop. I’ve been seeing students actually upset that they have snow-days. Listen here kids, when I was in school…we NEVER had snow days. I don’t feel sorry for you. If you’re a teacher complaining about having too many snow days, again I don’t feel sorry for you. You get paid to stay at home. You may have to make up a few days in the summer, but at least it’s in the summer. When you’re at home on those snow days in your sweatpants and sweatshirt enjoying your soap operas and hot cocoa, I’m venturing out in the frigid cold headed to work.


Here is my Michigan Winter Selfie!

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