Stop the Violence

My heart is heavy. My head is full of vivid images of violence and death. Death by the hands of vigilantes of all races who feel that their participation in such violence will lead to resolution and peace. As of late there has been a huge increase in violence nation-wide, and it has caused panic, outrage, more death, arrests, rioting and much much more. This violence has been everything but proactive. Being a parent has only increased my sensitivity and awareness to such violence, and I will admit that I’m scared for my son. He is so defenseless, and yet he will grow up surrounded by violence, hatred and animosity between peoples of all races and ethnic backgrounds.

Every day there are stories of rioting, retaliation and death being splattered across every media network nation-wide. These days, one cannot go onto Facebook or turn on the TV without seeing a news story born as a result of violence. Our nation is at war with each other, not other countries, but each other. We are supposed to be a Nation that leads by example. We’re the powerhouse, right? Wrong. Other counties are probably laughing at us and we are not the butt of their jokes. They don’t need to do or say anything, we’re destroying ourselves. And for what reason? Sure, there have been some shady deaths both of and conducted by whites AND blacks. The media has turned the recent events into a race war. THEY are making everything worse by trying to turn races against each other. How is that proactive? I understand why the media is doing this. It’s headlines. It’s ratings. It ONLY benefits them to look into and twist stories into making them something that they may not be. The police officers murdered in cold blood last month was direct retaliation of Eric Garner and Michael’s Browns death. Sure, both stories displayed shady evidence on BOTH sides. For one person to say that one party was more guilty than the other party is crazy.

Why are WE allowing the media to turn each other against one and another? That’s their goal because it creates headlines, a story, and positive ratings. Why are we feeding into their sick and twisted game? Peace starts with us and ONLY with us. We all need to step up and be proactive and stop the violence. Not all cops are bad,  not all blacks are bad and not all white people are bad. Stop making this a race war. Stop reading into the medias stories and theories. They’re just that: stories and theories. Bad decisions and crimes have been committed in every situation, and the end result of the events have been DEATH. Why the hell does death have to be the final resolution? If we all took time to slow down, love and understand each and every person and situation, we may once again be the nation that others envy. Peace starts with me and you and everyone else. Violence has never been and never will be the answer.

stv-stop-the-violence-logo th

We shouldn’t have to be afraid to take a walk or be fearful of our children riding their bikes to the local ice cream shop. We should be comfortable just living, being happy and enjoying life, yet we are afraid. Lets end this. Today. Right now. This very damn instant.

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