Ladies, let us be honest…

Ladies, let us be honest. Movies like 50 Shades of Grey creates unrealistic expectations of men. Whether you admit this to be true or not, the argument is too strong to adamantly deny that there is any truth to this theory. Every girl wants a man who acts as though they are the only girl in the world. Am I wrong? The way that protagonist, Christian Grey, treats antagonist, Anastasia Steele, is that he cannot breath without her near. Her presence is absolutely necessary for him to live. This may seem a bit extreme, but Christian Grey treats Anastasia Steele like she is his and they have only just met. Many women are in relationships that star unemotionally attached men, and ladies that is ok. Some men have a different way of expressing their love for you, but unfortunately too many women read into fictional characters like Christian Grey and automatically set their expectations too high. They then don’t understand when they can’t find a man to fill in the gap they so want to fill.

I can relate to this feeling because I’m married to a man who isn’t a fan of PDA or other means of expressive love. He kisses me and all of that jazz, but he isn’t really big into holding hands or goofing around in public. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love me nor am I implying that I don’t love him (because I do love him, obviously). Some men are more quiet about their emotions and feelings. When did it become wrong to keep ones relationship some-what private?

In today’s society, there are songs, movies and books that illustrate how relationships “should be” which are more often than not completely false. The relationships that most women want are fictitious created by romantic authors whose sole purpose is to get their readers engaged. by pulling on their heart strings. They do this by creating a storyline revolving around a relationship, and most readers are immediately drawn to it and will likely relate to the couple in the book in one way or another. I will admit that every time I read a book like “50 Shades of Grey” or a Nicholas Sparks novel, I get emotional at times because parts of the plot is relatable. But the fact is that it’s not real. 

The point is ladies that we need to stop setting such high standards. We are setting our men up for failure. By constantly comparing them to fictional characters in our romance novels, they are sure to fail at being everything that we want. That’s not fair for them. Our men deserve a realistic and fair shot at being the man that we saw them as when we first started seeing them. 

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