Button and Confetti Snail Kids Craft


For this kids craft, I used a unused blank CD for the snail’s back. Realistically, I probably could have found an old CD to use instead. Instead of using just buttons, we also added some confetti to add some extra color and dimension.

Materials Needed:

  • confetti
  • buttons
  • green construction paper
  • glue
  • pipe cleaner
  • black market/pen
  • googly eyes


  1. Cut out the shape of the snail’s body from the green construction paper making sure it’s large enough to glue the CD to it.14101629_10100455962107189_514978486_n14101914_10100455962092219_437588669_n
  2. After covering the CD in glue, start adding the buttons and confetti. My toddler decided to just throw on the confetti.14112024_10100455962097209_1721846729_n14137846_10100455962077249_1442033837_n14138550_10100455962132139_1114331125_n14159232_10100455962137129_1224113842_n
  3. Once the snail is decorated, add two googly eyes and a smile with the black marker or pen.
  4. Don’t forget to add the pipe cleaner for the snail’s antennas!14169682_10100455962087229_1346950791_n.jpg

This craft is easy to make and the kids really enjoy it. If you use confetti, prepare for extra clean up as they stick to your little’s ones hands, and if your kid is anything like mine, they might also enjoy throwing the confetti onto the snail’s back causing it to fly everywhere.

This is a perfect rainy day project!

Posted in: DIY

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