2013-Counting our Blessings

Many individuals always look to the New Year, hoping to leave the remnants of the previous far in their wake. That is not the case for Jason and I. We are so very much thankful for everything that happened to us in 2013-the good AND the bad. We realize that without the bad, there would be no good, so it’s important to recognize and give both credit for the good and the bad. Because of all those things, there have been tons of positive things that been bestowed on Jason and I. Here are a few highlights of 2013:

  • New Career with Zeigler Automotive as a Corporate Recruiter
  • New Home with FOUR bedrooms, Fireplace, Spacious living rooms, etc.
  • Announcement of Baby Jones (Coming March 2014)
  • Twins Wedding, tons of Engagements
  • New Friends

The list could literally go on forever. Though life can be stressful both on the career side and family side, it has truly been a remarkable year and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! We are both looking forward to 2014 and the great things it is sure to bring! Image

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