I am your Happily Ever After

I am your happily ever after

your love at first sight.

The one who didn’t get away

and the one who walked into 

your life when you least expected

        and didn’t ever leave.

I’m the one you can’t stop thinking about

the 1 in 7.3 billion

the one you want to spend the rest of you life with

the one you’ll bring home to mom

and the one who got you to let down that guard

       after thirty years

I’m the one you’ll crave most

the one you fall in love with

the one who gives you butterflies

I’m your hardest goodbye

the one who stole you heart

       and never gave it back

I’m the one who proved we’re not all the same

the one who will hug you tight

when you had a bad day

pull you near when you’re cold

the one who will wrap their arms around you

       and never let go

I’m the one who will cook for you

clean for you

move the highest mountains for you

I’m a shoulder to lean on

an ear to listen

   never will I turn and run from you.

I’m the one who will love you 

unconditionally, unwavering, un-judging of you

through the best of times and the worst

rain or shine

every day, for eternity

     now and forever

I’m the one you’ll put a ring on

the one you’ll walk down the aisle too

the one who will bare your children

and grow old with you

building memory upon memory

      hand in hand 

I may not have been your first

but I’ll most certainly be your last

grow old with me,

keep close to me, to love and to hold

through sickness and in health.

         now and for always.

I am your happily ever after.


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